The Cure Cured me - listen to your body

So, yesterday Vi O La Tor (said in a dramatic movie deep voice kinda way) was in the calendar.
However, the night before it I had a slightly painful scratch at the back of the throat.
By the morning of Violator, it had got no better. Plenty of fruit tea, good food during the day and a power nap instead of lunch and it was a little better by the time I got home from work, but slightly phlegmy and not 100% (not aided by the fact I have mild asthma!)

However I knew my body was not in a position to take the hammering that it would get with 64 sprints from Violator, but I sort of felt I could do something challenging as long as it wasn’t too long and sustained.

So, my favourite go to when short on time is the Cure and the Cure it would be and on new power figures from a recent Half Monty. The humour has not got tired on me yet after 17 sessions. I figured I would stop if it wasn’t happening, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I could have easily opted for an Active Recovery or Endurance, but felt I could do a little more.

Start was a little stiff legged after AC: 5x30 yesterday, but I actually got into it. After dreading I was getting sick (my family members had all taken it in turns getting sick - so maybe it was my turn) I managed to finish the session.

The Cure had cured me. After reading about “Don’t Bail on a Workout” and “When to Skip a Workout”, I listened to what my body would take. I got plenty out of it, without putting myself in a hole and my throat actually felt a little better after the workout and is ok this morning as I write this over coffee. Lets hope it keeps going in the right direction so I can Attack Attacker this evening!

Despite liking The Cure, I don’t actually have Couchlandrian Tendencies and do not like to miss workouts, but it is a good lesson in listening to what you can handle.


Had The Cure on the plan this morning. It doesn’t come up too often for me - I’d forgetten what an evil little minx it is.

And it CAN’T be a coincidence that TC is right about the calorie burn to make up for one donut.

:doughnut: :doughnut: :doughnut:

(not gonna lie, I never think of donuts, but TC makes me really want a donut.)


You must be my evil twin, since I’m never not thinking of donuts. But I am now inspired to do the Cure tonight and I guess figure out where I should source my donuts tomorrow morning.