The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 6: A Week with UCI World Cycling Center - Road

A Week With the UCI World Cycling Centre: Road (never did this one before today) - I almost pushed this one until late this afternoon (and I’m glad I didn’t because it’s been a hectic day at work) but I woke early enough to get some food in my belly and a cappuccino, and made it on the trainer with just enough time for a shower before I have to head to work.

I may have built this one up more in my head, or it may have been dialed back just enough since initial release, but I really nailed this one today. That said, I’ve been specifically working on sustained threshold efforts all winter. My 4DP has me as a pursuiter, but my weakness is sustained efforts, and I think mostly because of the relation to my MAP (my FTP is low for my MAP). I have a Full Frontal scheduled for Sunday a week after the Tour so I will see how far I have come. I did do a Half Monty late January and adjusted my FTP based on the results, so I’m working from the Half Monty numbers for my workouts.


My description of the workout - You know that big hard thing you just did, OK, now do it again but with some extra hard efforts! I enjoyed this early quote:

These girls rocked this climb.

No pain face or other pics today. Couchlandrian on the couch and I was on the trainer long enough that the Minion emerged from the bedroom to walk on the kitchen counters.


Bet you are not nearly 70 though and weigh only 61kgs. I started at about 3 watts per kilo and destroyed myself from there!


Wow that was hard. Especially the first climb. Really struggle when the last two girls were pulling through. The race somehow felt easier-ish. Probably with me being a pursuiter and have sustained-efforts as a weakness.

Now all that is left is to get to the other side. Apparently the writing is on the wall behind me (it is up :slight_smile: )

Stage 6 face be like:


Stage 6 The Road (almost as bleak as I remember)

Ahh, my old friend Misery… Very grateful for the fine tuning on this. When I first did it, I dialled down each 5 minute section of the first climb, turning it into an endurance ride and similarly reduced the 2nd one. GvA dang sustained efforts. I vowed NEVER to ride it again, unless of course it was added as a Tour stage :stuck_out_tongue: In any case, I got through it today, unreduced. I still HATED it, and I still hate Sir @Coach.Neal.H, but you gotta give the guy respect for knowing JUST how much to adjust these things.

Samesies. MTP for the win! ALL THE TOOLS!

Welcome to the forums @Jostein! Yip. These long sustained relentless efforts are such a mental challenge!! Way to get after it!

My post-race pic in glorious technicolour (do you see the JOY?)

I know my hair’s a mess. I’ll get that taken care of after The Tour.


First time for that one! Love the FTP workouts. Brings my confidence back after being beaten up by anything with MAP! Will keep it in the que. Hopefully everything can be worked out in RGT for the finale tomorrow!


Did this as part of the UCI week in December and while somewhat interesting initially it didn’t really bear a second viewing.
Got through the endurance climbs well enough but strangely annoyed by the downhill requiring more effort than video would suggest. Maybe I’m just in a mood :angry:

Looking forward to tomorrow, genuinely, to finish tour on a more positive note.


After reading everyones remarks here I am very worried. Due to some work scheduling I was not able to do this stage after work so I am doing it in the morning…right before TGTTOS. So now I am in for 3 HOURS OF SUFFERING in the morning!


Sorry for the message a bit long.
I had a small resilience test, to be able to do the 6th stage. Normally I prefer to train early in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up, but today the morning routine had to be changed and I had to leave Stage 6 for later in the day.

As for tomorrow the group ride time that I can take advantage of is at 9pm, I thought it would be good for a quick adaptation!
long story short, the day ended a little late and it was with the pressure of the schedule and with some fear that tomorrow morning some unforeseen event could prevent the completion of the stage that I got on my bike late in the day.

At the moment I don’t have a laptop on which to install the app so I’ve been using my smartphone. My bad, i didn’t notice that I hooked the charger cable wrong in the phone and after 33 minutes of activity the phone turned off without battery…
:scream::sob: misery!

I don’t want to brag at all, much less here in the realm of Knights of Mt Sufferlandria, it’s just share.

I had to dig to get some motivational strength to turn back on the phone , wait a bit and restart the activity. uff.

But it got done! The satisfaction was even greater on the “dowhill” back to the center.

I had only made this video 1 time, in the December challenge and the memory I had is that it was one of the toughest i’d experienced.

I’m glad I had read Sir David McQuillen words prior to the activy:

because otherwise I would have thought i was too strong compared to first try. :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: thanks for the shower of humility, always valuable! :slight_smile:

But I would like to share something else that might be useful.

Given the events in step 7a, i decided to try RGT as suggested without controlling kickr with the systm controlling everything simultaneously.

To a simple test I selected the wahoo village road on RGT and started tStage 6 in the systm, both apps on the same android phone. And it went well!
And a curiosity happened. When I restarted phone after battery caput, the activity on the systm stopped, of course.


But when I reopened the RGT, the app warned that the last activity had been turned off incorrectly (I don’t remember the exact words) and asked if I wanted to resume the activity. I said yes, went back to systm, started again with stage 6 and the RGT resumed the laps of the Borrego circuit. I ended up with 2h55 on Borrego.

that is, it is possible to have both simultaneously on the cell phone and the RGT app was robust enough and resisted my bad with the phone battery.

All being said, it is a great video, formidable company and spectacular setting for a great session of agony! Thank you to the creators!




Nice write up @Tiago_Branco! True spirit of Sufferlandria there! Way to bring the A game.

Only thing I’ll say to correct you is that there are no Kings in Sufferlandria. Just Knights and everyone else. Sounds like Knighthood is in your future :smiling_imp:. There’s plenty of room in the castle and it’s super uncomfortable, just as we all like it.


Already corrected in accordance! :pray: thanks for the correction! there is also no place for excuses in the realm of Sufferlandria, but perhaps some tiredness and sleep caused the inadmissable error that weel i know emeritus Knight Sir @Glen.Coutts

Honoured with the trust, will definitely awake the conquer of Mt Sufferlandria!



It’s not quite time to take the bike off the Kickr in the rainy PNW but it was so nice this afternoon that I drug the set-up outside. This was tough but I strangely liked it! Red cheeks live on!

Now to figure out how to ride the last stage tomorrow. So confused.


I thought making up excuses was a central part of cycling :wink:


You’re not wrong!


Less “embrace” and more “get put in a stranglehold by the suck for 90 minutes”.

Ouch :scream:


can’t believe you kept the pannier rack on when going up the Torgon! the extra weight, the drag … you’re a beast! :muscle: :leg: :wink:


:sweat_smile: it depends on the perspective!


Many wise words have already passed in this forum. As I am incapable of speech after this session I can only add the attached.[quote=“Coach.Rupert.H, post:1, topic:22159, full:true”]
The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 6: A Week with UCI World Cycling Center - Road
Friday March 17

Welcome to Stage 6 of the Wahooligan Tour. Please use the thread to tell us about how your Tour is going so far!

Stage 6 isn’t messing around as the UCI women take you out for a team time trial up the infamous climb of Torgon, a true proving ground for WCC athletes. After a short break, you’ll get to do a race simulation with the team up the final climb of the day – can you stay with their South African climbing ace?

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out The Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

NEW for 2023 - Daily Challenges!

During each day of The Tour, the top fundraiser of the previous 24 hours will earn a Wahooligan Tour jersey, custom created by our friends at Cuore! The 24-hour block will run from midnight-to-midnight MDT (Boulder, CO, USA). We’re already underway for Day 1, so kick that fundraising up a notch and be the first to earn the jersey!

Find out more about some other challenges happening this week by visiting our Official Race Guide page.

You never ride alone.

Wahooligans unite! Join us on the Official RGT open road for your warm-ups, cool downs, or stage rides. Use the voice chat feature to talk about your Tour experiences so far with fellow riders.

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Well suffered, my friend!