The Wahooligan Tour Stage 3 - Official Race Thread

The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 3 - Tuesday February 27


Brace yourselves for Day 3 of the Wahooligan Tour – our first taste of mountainous terrain! Whether you’re conquering Catalunya on the Wahooligan route or tackling Power Station in Sufferlandria, today is all about embracing sustained efforts and pushing your limits.

And here’s an extra incentive to fuel your fundraising efforts: for every $10 you raise, you’ll get more chances to win goodies from our prize pool!

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Wahooligan Route: On Location Catalunya: Girona - Púbol

Starting from the famous Pont de Pedra in this cycling Mecca, Mike will make sure you challenge yourselves on one of the most popular climbs in the region (and one that many a pro has tested their form on over the years). At 11km in length, the climb of Els-Angels offers the perfect platform for a solid session, so after we’ve warmed up our legs and the road starts to rise we’ll hit the early slopes at around 80% of FTP and slowly build towards threshold by the summit. That will take about around 30 minutes and you’ll take a moment to catch your breath on the decent before rounding out this 25km day with 3 x 60-second high cadence drills on the way over to Púbol.

Suferlandrian Route:Power Station

On the surface, this seems like a rather tame session: a series of intervals that are all under five minutes and which are almost all under threshold. But there is more here than the power file shows. The lack of obvious intensity in these short intervals is made up for by the very low cadence targets each effort requires. This creates minimal cardiovascular stress but places a tremendous load on your muscular system. The goal is to keep your upper body absolutely rock solid during these efforts. If you find that you bob back and forth for each pedal stroke, then your core is not up to the task your legs are giving it (better get onto our yoga videos and strengthen that core).

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out the Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

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It feels like just yesterday I did Power Station (it wasn’t because I was busy being hammered 9 times). At least it’s one of my “favourite” vids. And you have THE screenshot of T. Pinot as the thumbnail: “If you don’t look like this, you’re not working hard enough”. Always manage to laugh at that…through the tears. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Heading in shortly…S3 here we come.


Power Station - Done and it can stay out of the bin as the film at the end always makes me laugh.

Was it tough? Yes
Do my legs now feel like they don’t belong to me? Also, yes.
But did I enjoy it? Well, no…
…but I did suffer and that’s the main thing

…and, obviously, no, I didn’t stand EVERY time i was asked to as, a) despite an undeniable physical resemblance, I am not, in fact, Alberto Contador, and b) I didn’t want to actually die so, with the support of my husband cheering me on with…

“Are you on that bleeping bike again, what a racket, it sounds like a herd of elephants up there”
… on we go to Stage 4!



It is funny that after so many Sufferfest videos, I now associate the doorbell sound to “donuts”


S3 Power Station :white_check_mark:

This one hits a little different to the first two, with the low cadence efforts. I actually felt pretty good today, still feeling ok. Doing the :radioactive: option naturally, so eventually the fatigue is going to build. Only issue tonight was throbbing legs, I was on the sofa, with a cat sleeping on my feet, my legs twitched and whacked him in the head. He seemed pretty unfussed by it, as cats always do. :joy_cat:


I’m doing my ToS as a just survive Tour, so reducing below 100% to survive.
As a mostly masher style MTB rider, this one at a reduced level was not all that hard.
Low rpm at below threshold seems to be my jam.
Of course, this load will add to the overall load of the week.
Looking forward to the rest of the Tour.


I swear that goddamn time warp always gets me, each and every time :laughing: I always forgot which session has it. I fell so many times at the trap lol


Yes power station done. Don’t mind it, though I prefer goat.
Glad of something less strenuous than 9 hammers


I am about to jump in - your comments have lessened the anxiety. I think having the 9 Hammers out of the way is a big plus.Will see how I survive!


Yeah, don’t worry about it. Just jump in and see how you feel. Definitely easier than 9H


Stage 3 felt like a slow motion 9H.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Cash register will sting. Guaranteed.



I love this session for the low cadence. Also, i love it even more with my KICKR Climb!


That was surprisingly okay, despite doing this after 10pm with a long day…


Just we and the struggle.

One of my enchantments of The Sufferfest.

But with the unique bonus dimension of great fun.

Oh, and by they way :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:


Power Station done! Not as bad as I expected, but a good amount of suffering was experienced.

Apparently the Couchlandriands paid a visit to my mail box today. :smile:


Completed at 100% power. Good thing I saw this Couchlandrian trick coming.


First time on Power Station. Pretty cool! I prefer GOAT, but this one made me laugh out loud. On to Cash Register! :partying_face: (and whatever that other one is :rofl:)


THIS is one of the things I love the most about The Sufferfests.


Laughing out loud even when we can barely breathe!