The wahooligan tour stage 6 - official race thread

The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 6 - Friday March 1

The finish line is in sight – you’re so close to conquering this year’s Wahooligan Tour! Whether you’re cruising the Italian Lakes or on a thrilling Downward Spiral, every ounce of effort is contributing to a cause that truly matters.

Did you know? Riders who hit the $500 fundraising mark will earn a sleek @Team DPF cycling jersey, designed by Taylor Phinney.

Don’t forget to tag @wahoofitnessofficial on any of your Tour related social posts.

Wahooligan Route: On Location Italian Lakes: Lugano
Welcome to Lake Lugano, Switzerland, for a dynamic cycling adventure. Climb high above the lake, alternating cadence on a challenging 20-minute ascent, followed by a sprint and a scenic descent. Explore Lugano’s cultural treasures and historic villages along the way. Totaling 22 km with 482m elevation gain and max 10% grade.

Suferlandrian Route: The Downward Spiral
The very first Sufferfest video ever made (although it’s since been remastered a couple of times). Both sets of intervals are designed to have equal work to rest ratios, so the longer intervals have longer recovery time afterward. This first set will begin to deplete your Anaerobic Capacity (AC), and by the end, your aerobic system will have to work overtime to help keep the power up. And keep the power up you will, since as the intervals get shorter they also get harder.

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out the Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

You never ride alone.
Ride with us! Join VIPs and Davis Phinney Foundation staff on Zoom at 9 am MDT (Boulder, CO USA) during the Tour - add this zoom link to your calendar to participate.

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 899 3074 6160
Passcode: 919989

Your Tour Merchandise
The Official 2024 Wahooligan Tour Poster is available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Davis Phinney Foundation! Add this year’s poster to your collection!


Had good sleep, my HRV was slightly improved so I was hopeful for today’s ride… but alas the legs are still in their downward spiral and not up to The Downward Spiral. :tornado: 95-96% was all I could give today.

I’ll be taking a few hours off work tomorrow so I can ride Stage 7 with the DPF crew on Zoom tomorrow, and very much looking forward to the challenge of giving a max effort for High Time.


Am coping ok thanks to reduced efforts to accommodate the knee issue. Stage 6…FIN


Good stuff. Stage 6 fin aussi.

That first yellow block in DS, oh my GvA. You’re reeling from that for the rest of the set. Set two was no so horrible, and some great tunes over that one too.

Time to stretch out on the yoga mat, everything (everyone?) hurts! :joy:


Accurate assessment

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Haha, yes quite right! Even the yoga felt an effort this evening. I clearly need more sleep & pain shakes. :woozy_face:


Yep. That should help. Maybe. :thinking: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Need to dial down for second set of The Model yesterday (restored afterwards), but managed to do 100% of DS. Either my legs growing stronger or those fresh donations give extra watts lol. On to the last stage!!!


Another pretty hard ride.
Tomorrow’s rides , welll not looking forward to them


Nearly there!

Tomorrow’s Queen stage will surely hurt the most!

Come on Sufferlandrians…. We have this one in the bag.



Apologies for discussing S7 in the S6 thread, but Sir @Rupert.H hasn’t made a S7 one yet. But I was thinking the same as you going into S7, and having not ridden High Time before I was very apprehensive, but…it didn’t feel that bad. I left it on 100%, in Level mode because I wanted the TT to feel real (I like to shift down for the corners, then up & sprint out). It was purity of Suffering, just that steady burn we all love/hate. I’m riding out to get an ice cream (S7b) after lunch, so I think by the end of the day I’ll be properly done. And super happy.

We should all be proud of what we’ve achieved, both on the bike and for DPF.

Last surge (ding ding)…


Stage 6 - Downward Spiral, the bins over there, get in it would you…

I was absolutely DREADING this but I knew if I could get through this I could finish the Tour and that spurred me on despite tired legs, an early start and just me trying to talk myself out of it.

I nearly downward-spiralled due to the Level Crossing ‘incident’ but managed to make it through without vomiting so that’s always a bonus.

I think I’m going to enjoy tomorrow


My stage six kit in honor of the first day of Women’s History Month here in the US:


That felt strangely better than The Model yesterday! Pretty empty tank now though. Will still do High Time after ice cream of course.


At the end of DS. I might just get through stage seven tomorrow!

Speaking of DS:

I’m a rule follower and didn’t ride in front of the train. But I ended up getting two extra 30 second intervals. Why!?


When the rider crashed in front of me in the second interval of the second set, I instinctly began to slow down. That made the last couple seconds a bit harder at a lower cadence than they should’ve been.


Got through Downward Spiral pretty well. Legs are definitely feeling it tonight though. One more stage to to!

Giving myself extra credit because my cat decided to join me and do her doughnut impression through the whole stage.


Hope not to incur any penalties. Days have been intense, prioritizing free time for the Tour leaves less for the forum. Couldn’t write in the Stage 4 and 5 thread.

Quite tired also because I’ve been trying an extra effort to stay ‘ahead’ of my time zone, saving the last hours of the final stage window just in case Sir @Glen.Coutts Glen brings some extra pain treat, with a #Stage7C this year. Or Stage8

Did The Italian lakes in the morning and then
the Cash Register and The Model stages back-to-back, playfully pretending to be a Knight of Sufferlandria, dreaming of one day becoming one.

I guess this is why we are here in first place. :blue_heart:

And on top of a beautifull cause:

Finaly, a brutal enterpainment:

Long live to GvA !


Completed stage 6 ; crushed it on 100% best performance on ToS for me , then went on to do Blender stage 1 which I missed. Hoping the minions will acknowledge this :pray: looking forward to the final stage tomorrow and he completion of my 1st ToS :heart_eyes: