To get back on track (light-hearted)

Just a little amusing story.

I’ve had a terrible time recently following my triathlon training plan (70.3 event in August). My planned A race became unavailable due to travel restrictions, busy at work, things to fix in the house, my other sports interests took up time, it’s been very hot. Lots of things.

Today, I thought, is the day to get back on track. First day of holiday, relaxed and found some motivation. I can’t do anything now about the sessions I’ve missed but 5 weeks out from the event, I still have time to get my body and mind in shape to have a good go at the event.

Check the calendar for today’s workout - Nine Hammers :scream:

Thanks, GvA.


I hope you nailed it :wink:

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It’s still waiting for me this evening. Gardening came first. If I have any courage left, I’ll post my results here later …

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:rofl: that’s Karma Suf style!! :rofl:

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Had similar thoughts last week in my all-purpose road plan, when I realized I had The Shovel, The G.O.A.T., and Revolver. Back. To. Back. Followed by 2hr Endurance+ and Tempo High Cadence sessions outdoors on the weekend.

Actually, I think my language was less polite.


Well, wouldn’t you know it, life got in the way again. Tried to make up for it with a “quarter brick” this evening but it’s still not Nine Hammers, is it? :confused:

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