ToS Medals

Hi all,

I posted a similar message on the Facebook SUF forum and got some positive responses so thought I’d post on here for some official comment.

I’ve had an idea about trying to organise a ‘finishers medal’ for the ToS. I know it’s more about personal challenge and raising money but thought with everything going on it might be a bit of a reward for us all during the pandemic.

I’m in the UK so it probably makes sense that it would have to be UK based people for postage reasons, but open to thoughts / opinions???

I have done some research and approached a company who make medals for the London Marathon etc, ie a fully reputable company, they are interested in helping out.

Essentially, the MOQ for us is 100 but the more we order the cheaper the medal gets. It will be a proper metal medal with up to 5 enamel colours and a nice ribbon that we can print on, ie it would fit in perfectly with any other medals you have already received, (I would be using the same spec as the London Marathon badge).

My plan was that if I can get over 100 people I am happy to organise and post out, (UK only or happy to do a bulk post to another member in other countries to do the same etc), and all I would need would be for each one to pay say £10/£15 + postage for the medal and all profits will go to the ToS charity.

It takes 6 weeks to produce so they would be arriving not too long after the tour and I’d certainly post a design picture of the medal.

So, I have two issues / questions:

  1. are there more than 100 people interested in this prepared to pay for them?

  2. what are the rules for SUF image rights etc, what can I legally use on the medal - do I need to go through the SUF team lawyers? Don’t want GvA on my tail.

Happy to take this to email if the SUF powers that be prefer.


I’d be happy to go with this. I think it’s a great idea, and good on you for looking into it.

Hi all,

I’m guessing from the lack of replies / love for this post it’s not something people are interested in - or are people missing some information from me to show interest?

If people don’t want a medal then no worries, just thought it might be of interest.

I’ll give it a few more days to see if anyone picks it up, if not I’ll consider it a bad idea.


Not enough interest I’m afraid to get this moving, shame. I’ll leave the post here just in case someone else can gain some traction for medals next year…