ToS stickers?

Just wondering if anyone has thought of producing ToS stickers, or if these are generally available? There are loads of online bike sticker printers where you can upload an image and get stickers made from it.

After the tour is over, I would love to have a nice sticker on my bike to commemorate all my efforts…


Excellent idea!



Can anyone from TheSufferfest comment? Are there any official plans to do this?

Do you mind, copyright wise, if we create our own stickers via something like this: ??

I’m wondering if the SUF minions would like to make some available, them ship in return for donations to DPF?

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Or, even better…

Last night I drank Coca-Cola out of a Pepsi-Cup in my basement. Non of the two companies seemed to mind - as long as I keep it to myself and don‘t sell my cup. :wink:

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