TOS2021 Bib Number Done, Forum & FB Profile Pic

Bib Number is done and my FB profile pic is changed. Get it done so we know you are in and ready to suffer.


How did you do that? I downloaded the 5 files but cannot manipulate them to create my number

Where did you find the files to download?

If you go to the Sufferlandria group on FB and click on Announcements. You will see Davids post for the bib number.

You’ll find a sneaky early drop by @David.McQuillen.KoS here…

Open using Powerpoint or Keynote if you have macOS and get editing!!

I downloaded the file then opened Keynote on my MAC. Made all my edits as I have a fair bit of experience using Keynote.

Thanks Gerry,

When I open the file it opens in preview. In keynote the file is showing greyed out

Job done


Erm… Where do I find my bib number? :grimacing:
Or do I just pick my favourite?

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Looks like you had success … nice.

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Pick whatever number you like and have fun. However if you pick 53 you have to donate $10 to my DPF account … yep so there is that!! :laughing:

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Thanks @GJStache53! Then I have a plan, 53 wasn’t it though. Just hope nobody beats me to it :grimacing:

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Ready for ToS


Ready to Roll!


Nice bib … is it 2/14 yet?

First timer in every sense, so I’ll keep it simple this time around:



Please drop your bib images in to this topic when you’re done. Keeps them in one place and, who knows, maybe there’ll be a prize or two…

@Yiyan @jingle01 @rrbegin5454


Hi James,

Guess I created some confusion for the bibs in just posting my own info not related to the actual bib numbers thread. Should I remove my thread or is it ok?

No, it’s fine, we didn’t have a bibs topic when you posted so any confused caused is down to me. I started a new topic rather than adding to here just to make one specific to that subject. Looking at it now I should have worked with you to tweak yours. We, mods included, are all still working this forum thing out! Don’t delete anything, we can just close it if need be… OK, going to close it.

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