Training plan - power builder

Is it just me or is the power builder training plan really easy? I’ve been on this training plan for probably 3 weeks now and my Polar watch stays within the “under trained” category :see_no_evil:.

It was originally designed to help the CyclingWeekly presenter, given their time/commitment restrictions, so it may very well not be immediately suited to you, depending on where you are coming from.

Haaaa thank you for the reply, yes that won’t be suited for me then. I will ditch it and move on swiftly :+1:

Unfortunately this topic comes up to often as it’s a badly named plan.
Ignore it, pick another, and enjoy the suffering

Hey Sir Rob,
I just want to note week 3 of the power builder plan is a recovery week with lower intensity workouts allowing you to recover from weeks 1 and 2 before seeing an increased intensity during week 4 again.
Also, when did you last test your 4DP as this is worth doing between plans to make sure you are always working with accurate and up to date targets.

Hey Coach,
I got a new trainer and actually did a 4DP recently as the values were way too high. Strange thing - I had a tacx flow (max resistance of 850w) and got myself a Kickr Snap 2 (max resistance of 1500w) and my values on the flow was completely out of wack when I started on the Snap. I nearly killed myself trying to use the values of the flow :grin:.
But back to the plan, I normally do around 8-10 hours per week but I have stopped the power builder plan now and switched over to the volcano. Your guidance is important to me so do you suggest I switch back or continue with the volcano?

Hey @Sir_RobW,
As @titanicus pointed out, the plan was designed for

This specialty plan has been designed by coach Mac Cassin to help CyclingWeekly presenter gain as much power as possible in just 6 weeks. The catch is doing it without sacrificing his weekly (unstructured) group rides he looks forward to each week.
Check out Part One of this project over on YouTube, and stay tuned for more!

So I would say it depends what your goal is?

  • If you are looking to gain power, I would say stick with the plan, you are already 3 weeks in so not much further to go.
  • If you are looking to improve your climbing and hills, the Volcano plan is a better option.