Trial The Sufferfest question

Hi all, I am within my trial Sufferfest.
Can I kindly ask if anyone has the same problem while sync the data with Garmin connect will not display the Elev gain?

Many thanks

Hi, @Lucsi. Welcome!

As far as I know, SUF videos have no elevation coded into them, so you’ll always see 0 elevation for them on any platform.

Some videos have gradients coded in, which make the ride dynamic if you have a Kickr Bike or Kickr Climb, but there’s still no elevation gain to any of them in the workout data.

Hello Renzo,
Many thanks for your help and your quick answer.
Hence the elevation not recorded but the Kickr Cimb moves accordingly.
I noted also that example on a 4% incline I don’t feel the realistic “pulling up” Is this a normal behaviour in Sufferfest, please?

Since SUF works in either ERG mode or Level mode (no simulation mode), I’d hypothesize that you won’t feel a change in resistance that reacts to the gradient change. In ERG, it’s going to keep asking for X power regardless of simulated gradient on the bike. Level Mode would maintain a constant resistance by simulating Y degrees independent of whatever gradient is being simulated on the Kickr Bike/Climb.

I’m afraid that I don’t have those toys, so I’m not speaking from personal experience on this. :sweat_smile:


Many thanks again for your reply, Much appriciated
Best Regards

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This is correct @Lucsi, even when the Climb is engaged, we are only setting gradient, not elevation. We don’t currently have elevation data in our workouts.

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