Level & Intensity button not working on Kickr Bike

Since updating to SYSTM app the Level & Intensity buttons are not working on my Kickr Bike during a session. I press them and nothing happens. Locked, unlocked, deleted and reinstalled app and nothing. Back in the Sufferfest days (remember back then…) they worked fine.

Good news is I mostly use ERG mode so that is fine but not being able to dial in (who am I kidding… dial down) intensity is a bit of a problem.

Any thoughts on what is going on and how to fix?


Afraid that those buttons don’t work in SYSTM at the moment, but we will be getting them going in one of the upcoming releases.


Soon!!! Just another voice/checkmark to looking forward to the app supporting the Kickr Bike hood buttons…

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Thx for quick response and the amazing work on making SYSTM come alive. Any chance you can publish a full list of SF features that are not yet working in SYSTM. Am thinking its not a long list but would be really useful to those of us trying to figure all this out.

As a windows + kickr bike user I never had the option to use the buttons but if you bring it to systm please make it an option/customisable - I frequently hit the steer buttons by mistake in hard intervals and it’d be a PITA to have it drop out of erg unexpectedly

Full support on making the configurable too!

Ditto! I mash those things all the time since there’s never been any consequences, would be a tough behavior to detrain.

Hopefully soon . One of the best bits about the bike is switching between erg and leve on the fly doing workouts like shovel and violator for the shorter efforts . In meantime we can continue the with the old app for those

Agreed. Probably the most notable disappointment with the change to SYSTM for me. Figure the flagship Wahoo KICKR BIKE would be compatible with the new software out of the gate.

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Wondering if there is still a plan to get the buttons working again? Got a Shovel workout coming up, and oh how nice they are for switching to level mode on the fly.

IF these changes do come about, PLEASE let us know ASAP so we don’t get baffled by the new behavior! That means PLEASE EXPLAIN FULLY how this is going to work because this thread is the first I’ve heard of the possibility! Like @tbronder said, I push these buttons accidentally sometimes, and I’ve already concluded that their placement is not the best. Riding with hands on top of hoods is pretty common and if that engaged some unexpected changes, it could be a bad thing (referring to the right side top buttons.)
And the SIDE buttons are also very easy to tap without meaning to. I wouldn’t mind an easy way to go into Level from ERG and vice-versa, but the buttons, IF they are going to be used, need to be resistant to accidental presses.
The ONLY buttons I use are the left side TILT change buttons. I’m glad I can ignore the others for the time being.