Two questions regarding system

I have a couple questions regarding system, years ago I was a sufferfest user but have been out of cycling for a while. So right now I do not have a Wahoo kicker, I might buy one but that is for my second question.
1st question, if I subscribe do the videos accommodate perceived effort vs data driven? I know the old sufferfest videos would run on perceived effort and I could drop them into trainer road to link data. Right now I don:t plan on messing with data, my garmin is an antique and I don:t want to mess with it. I have a MacBook to play the workouts on.
2nd question. I run on my current trainer bike Campagnolo 9 speed, I was looking at Wahoos specs for the campy free hubs and it seems like the 9 speed adaptable hubs work on older models, am i missing reading this, can I buy a new kicker and put a 9 speed free hub on it?

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You can never leave, lol! But welcome back, regardless. I have no answer for your second question.

As for the first, RPE is still an option and you can run the vids in what is called Level mode (you change gears.) You can choose to display a variety of metrics but if you only want to see RPE you can toggle all the others off.

But wait, there’s more…if you end up purchasing a Kickr AND it turns out to be compatible with your Campy 9s, you’ve then got a full on smart trainer that will give you the option to run in ERG mode (where the targets are set for you based on the results of your Full Frontal Test…Rubber Glove is not used any more and FF is the new SUF standard as it gives you results along 4 metrics – your 5 sec, 1 min, 5 min and 20 min power).


Wahoo has an answer to your second question:

Here’s the full article.

If that doesn’t answer your question, you can call and ask–or ask at your local bike shop.

Based on the above, it’s time for @Biking57 to get a New Bike!!! And hurry up about it, there’s a flogging station with your name on it
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You can use RPE but even splashing out £29 on a speed sensor to use with my dumb trainer for virtual power was a massive improvement for me. My RPE scale was way off, I was going to hard on the rests and too easy on the hard intervals.

I am certain you are right, I have the equipment as I have an old garmin with speed and cadence sensors. However at the moment, I am doing more base work. I did the 1 hour the way out video last night from my collection. I need a couple months of moderate rides before I really go full speed. I have not been a full on couchlandrian but I have not trained on the bike for 4 years in any serious way. More hiking and that sort of thing, however we have some challenging terrain so it is not like I was walking flats. As a result perceived effort will work for a while, I am also monitoring my cardio side with Apple Watch so I am collecting some data. I know from the way my legs are responding I need to watch my intensity, for example on this workout my hamstrings really started failing on the long grinding climbs, so had to back off gearing in the last 20 minutes.

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