Virtual Shifting for Wahoo

Any plans to bring virtual shifting to the wahoo platform?

I’m mainly asking because it would be super easy to switch between Zwift and Wahoo platforms. I use both and would like to continue to use both. Also, I think the idea of not having a cassette is great and that I can put any of my bikes on and off easily. Right now, I just leave my one bike on the trainer, all the time. I don’t like having to remove, install, remove, and install cassette just so I can ride it.

But I don’t want to get the virtual shifting for Zwift and be “locked” into using Zwift only (I do not like Zwifts training plans). Anyone know if virtual shifting is coming to wahoo systems?

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@Wattsup21 Haven’t seen anything on that topic but my guess is they will at some point given the partnership between the two companies. I see the Click being especially helpful for SYSTM workouts like Violator and Full Frontal where you should be in level mode. Those 24 virtual gears can really add to your cassette range.

Also I regularly export by SYSTM workouts to Zwift using the browser extension tool (mostly NoVids) and then add the .zwo file to my Zwift workout folder. I use the Click with those workouts. The process of moving workouts has to be done on PC or Mac. It doesn’t work on mobile devices but the workout will then be available in Zwift wherever you use it - mobile, PC, Mac, ATV. Those exported workouts will then post back to SYSTM just like the way outside rides on a Wahoo bike computer post to the calendar.


Ahh man, thank you so much for this! I’m going to try it, at some point over the next few days.

Also, I agree that virtual shifting will eventually come to wahoo systems due to the partnership. Speaking of violated workout. I have that coming up in a few weeks. :eyes:.

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