Virtual speed Query

Probably on here somewhere but I can’t find a direct answer. Just checking back on a workout ( recharger) and noticed quite a difference in distance between two workouts using the same 4DP data, almost 3 Kms in a 30 min session. The latest workout had higher power figures throughout plus higher HR and TSS but lower max and average speeds( which would account for the less distance I presume) I thought virtual speed adjusted the speed in relation to the power or is this correct?

Perhaps the minions has refined the virtual speed calculations in the interim? Or has your w/kg changed?

Other than that, maybe you were more aero on the earlier attempt!

Possibly, but nothing else has changed. Was going to do it again today to check but after only doing 3 hours of a 4 hour scheduled endurance session on the trainer yesterday i cannot sit on the saddle!! cheers