Add Virtual speed post-workout

Any chance we could get virtual speed added/processed/corrected after the workout?

The device connections often default to wheel speed, and in erg mode this is basically just proportional to cadence, nothing else. In level mode, it’s even more meaningless. I suppose on a fixed-resistance fluid trainer, it may be theoretically somewhat close to virtual speed. Anyway, when I forget to select virtual speed before the ride I get distances logged to Strava that are way off.

Indoor distance is arguably a silly thing to track anyway, but at least a sort of reasonable distance is less silly, so having the ability to go back and correct that would be nice.

I don’t disagree with the premise of your post but I am curious. If you could correct it, what metric would you correct it to that is more accurate?

One other comment, I don’t really know how accurate any of the data is, but I look more at comparative values over time than any one ride. Assuming whatever inaccuracies that may exist are consistent across rides, I can at least monitor progress. I just did a ride that had done six months ago. I rode farther, faster, higher cadence etc, but lower IF and TSS. My sense is it was a reflection of being in better riding shape now. Guess I will need to crank it up a bit next time!

But—without ERG Virtual Speed, you can’t even compare. If you do one effort at a given power and cadence in your lowest gear (say 34-28) and another at the same power and cadence in your biggest (say 50-11), the big gear workout, which will have been exactly the same effort, would show 3.7x the speed and distance as the small gear workout.

The virtual speed algorithm solves that problem by basing speed and distance on power. With virtual speed, the two workouts described would have the same speed and distance.

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Flipping the request slightly - can the app please just remember that a user has selected SufferSpeed or whatever it’s called as their preference. The number of times it’s seemingly randomly chosen my trainer speed instead of my user selection of SufferSpeed (and/or the other available cadence channel instead of the one I always select) is more than one and that’s one more than it should. Flip over :upside_down_face:

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Interesting. SYSTM has always remembered my settings. I wonder what’s different with your setup.

I usually use SYSTM on an iPad. Don’t know what happens on other devices.

I think the memory issue might depend on which devices connect first. I’m not sure. I think sometimes it works. Oh, and for me it’s windows 10, recently using BLE although all my devices can do ANT+ and I have a dongle for that too that I used to use with SUFF.

@Critmark, I’m not sure I understand your question. I’m not suggesting any new improved metric, just to be able to apply the one they have, but after completing the activity, kind of like strava has an option to correct distance from gps after an activity. Virtual speed (once known as Sufferspeed) is already as good as it gets really. As AkaPete explains, wheel speed is arbitrary, and its relationship to a realistic speed (on flat ground, no wind) is arbitrary, except maybe on fixed resistance fluid trainers which supposedly approximate a realistic resistance vs wheel speed assuming some mass and CdA of course (which isn’t yours). I believe Suff’s virtual speed even attempts to make a decent guess at Crr and CdA based on weight, and it even has virtual power for those devices.