What insoles in cycling shoes?

yes, from what i read in other forums, members shared G8 requires every 6-month replacement.

if you scrutinize G8 design, its arch support has weak structure but it is adjustable.

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I have had a lot of problems since I started cycling a few years ago, I have bow legs, duck feet, and a lot of tilt causing pain and numbness in the outside of the foot. I have c solved this to about 90% comfort level which I think is the max i am going to get. I use longer spindles on speedplay pedals to allow me to have more space so heel doesn’t hit crank, a slightly wider fitting shoe like a northwave and finally custom moulded sidas foot beds. They are a bit expensive at £120 or $150 but if you can afford them worth every penny. I think any bike shop or fitter can license or buy the machine necessary but the experience of the fitter is invaluable in knowing where to mould the pressure points etc related to your issue, instead of some junior in the shop just having an hour training on using the machine. I would love to go to the next step of the custom carbon orthotics but they are a bit too expensive for me at the moment.



I’ve had great success with insoles from IM Custom Sport. If your shoes fit very tightly then it could be problematic trying to squeeze these in because they are just a little bit bulky.

They have padding, but best of all, they come with multiple sizes of arch supports that can be locked into different positions. I found that after my initial fitting, I was able to improve my comfort by experimenting with slightly different arch support positioning. The clever design of the insole allowed me to do this quite easily on my own.

Foot discomfort can really limit your enjoyment on the bike, so I wish you success finding the solution that works for you. :+1:

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When I started road riding again last year I was getting pain in the balls of my feet on longer rides, particularly in my right foot. My first attempt at curing this pain was by replacing my standard insoles with Specialized BG green (high arch) insoles. My arches are actually pretty average height, but I read that it’s usually better to opt for more arch support in cycling than you might do for walking or running. The BG insoles certainly helped to support my feet much better while pedalling hard, but I was still suffering from foot pain on 4+ hour rides. Maybe less than before, but certainly not a total cure.

Then I realised that my shoes were slightly on the narrow side in the forefoot area and more so on my right foot (the one suffering with most pain), which was definitely getting slightly squashed across the widest point. So I bit the bullet and bought a new pair of wide fitting shoes (Fizik Tempo Overcurve R4-wide). These shoes have been a total revelation. I threw in the same BG green insoles, which actually provided even more arch support when fitted in these shoes and I’ve had no more foot pain ever since, even on several 6+ hour rides. I think the cure really was from the extra room in the forefoot area, but the BG insoles still do a good job of providing a more stable platform. I did very briefly try my new shoes with the standard insoles and they didn’t feel as solid, but I didn’t ride them long enough to see if they would cause any pain.

I also agree with others about slamming the cleats rearward on the shoe to make life easier for both your feet and calves. Fizik used to have a more forward cleat mounting position than other major brands, but thankfully their latest shoes are now more in line with the modern trend of positioning the mounting points slightly more rearward. To me it just feels a whole lot better with the cleats set further back.

Foot pain is a real PITA - or should that be PITF? :wink: so I hope you do manage to get it sorted. Unfortunately there are so many potential causes of foot pain and so you just have to work through your options one by one. But I think decent insoles are a good starting point. I chose the BG insoles mainly because they are relatively cheap and readily available. Icebugs and G8s both seem to get good reviews but I couldn’t find the Icebugs in stock anywhere and the G8s are pretty expensive - although I was tempted for their adjustable arch support.