Shoes of Sufferlandria

So, we’ve got threads for bikes, outdoor rides, training setups and even socks, but not one for shoes…
I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes cycling shoes as “fashion” items as much as their function, so here’s the thread to show off your kicks…

I’ve always liked a bit of stand-out colour.
If you’ve noticed the cleat position, I’m trialling mid-foot cycling.
Now, let’s see yours!


I have these same shoes that I use for my gravel bike with SPDs on them. I have Fiziks with Speedplay for my road bike which I really like a lot.


Ah man…means I’ll have to buy new shoes…

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Hi guys, I am looking forward to shoes. Does anyone have a favorite SPD-compatible winter shoe? I would have ridden more last winter, but my toes chilled to the point of turning white. (Poor circulation) Around here it didn’t rain much but the cold kept me off the bike.I am reading some reviews here what do you guys say?

Hi @emma1

I use a pair of cheap DHB overshoes over my normal (very light and summery) cycling shoes. Even in sub-zero temps my feet don’t get cold in them. (I’ve got some good warm winter gear but if really cold I’ll get cold everywhere EXCEPT my feet.)

BTW - I really feel the cold …

Now hands on the other hand (ah pun …) - yet to find gloves that do the same as those overshoes do for my feet.

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Have you tried the Stolen Goat ones:

Surprisingly thin but far and away the best winter gloves I’ve ever had.

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Thanks. You’re the second person to mention them. Yep, thickness does not guarantee warmth. My numerous ‘deep winter’ pairs are testament to that!

I too like Shimano shoes as they tend to fit me well. Got and old pair of road shoes (Keo cleats) I use mainly on the trainer. My road shoes are invariably white. I have some Shimano mtb flat pedal shoes too.

That’s a thread on its own :person_shrugging:t3::wink: