What topics would you like us to Cover?

From a September 3rd post elsewhere:

“For those big days I count calories - pre, during and post. I’ve found Eating to Suffer: Using Nutrition to Get the Most Out of Your Training – The Sufferfest to be invaluable in guiding me on this”

The link doesn’t retrieve the article described. Are the seemingly useful old Sufferfest posts available still?


I love the podcasts- great job so far!

I’d like to see a podcast on how to review your season and set goals for next season, and with that how to use the training plans within SYSTM to perform optimally in events (particularly if you have several events through a season)


Thanks. Been working the rotator cuff and shoulder in general using yoga and bands rather intensively over the past 3 months and it has lead to bicep long head tendonitis. I have been trying to work kettlebells into my routine but think I have pushed too hard too fast resulting in the bicep tendonitis. Once I have sufficient mobility and strength my plan is to shift emphasis toward kettlebells. I’m encouraged by your comments. I do believe the cycling is exacerbating the impingement, however, prolonging my recovery.

  1. The biology of training. What’s happening on a cellular level?

  2. The physiology of training. A Division I XC runner and post-college marathoner, I quit in my late twenties because I’d developed chronic patellar tendinitis in both knees. After seriously cycling for a couple of years, my tendinitis has vanished and I can run, pain-free, again. I’m in my fifties: this kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen! So, what happened?

  3. In another thread, I posted a suggestion for a line of videos I cheekily called UNIVERSTY. While not sports-science, the list included topics of interest to those of us who don’t have a background in competitive cycling. Examples include:

  • How does road racing work (functions of team members, points systems, jersey colors, etc)?
  • Differences between tri, aero, ultralight bikes.
  • What is UCI? Who put it in charge? What’s its relationship to USA Cycling?

Great ideas @AlexEllermann!

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Thanks for asking, Mac. Here are a couple of suggestions

  1. Fitness Assessments in Systm: Would be good to cover the subject broadly, but while you’re on it, please cover which rider types are more likely to under/over-perform on Half Monty compared to Full Frontal.
  2. Systm Training Philosophy: I’d like to hear more about “Initiate, Recruit, Sustain, Repeat” and how it drives the thinking behind the training plans. (I’m not asking you to get into polarized vs threshold vs pyramidal, etc…) See this post where it was mentioned: Triathlon Plan Question - #2 by Coach.Suzie.S
  3. Using Systm All Year Round / Periodization: Without getting discipline-specific, what would a year look like in Systm if I want to peak twice? Let’s say peak #1 at the start of the outdoor season (~May) and peak #2 would be for a last event taking place at end of it (~September). Should I be on a 12 week plan 4x per year with 4 weeks of breaks?
  4. Systm Running and Cycling / Duathlon Plans When these are launched, a podcast would be great to introduce them. :smiley: Add a plan for Dualthon - #7 by Coach.Mac.C

I really, really enjoy the podcast! Keep it up!


Yep. Addressing this particular item could/should be a pinned post in the forums since the question comes up so often. :slight_smile:

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Careful with the band work. That may exasperate the long head issue.

KB Halos with a light weight are good to open that area up.

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Multiday/ultra distance races…
training strategy.


Training for multiple back to back long days with a load (aka Tour of Aotearoa, Great Divide etc) when you are a time pressed athlete.

Would also be interested in hearing about how to deal with sleep deprivation and fueling for self supported ultra racing…bikepack racing ultra distance events.


Don’t know how to articulate this and maybe it’s already raised but I’m intrigued by the concept of trading density and volume and how high intensity loads transfer to endurance sports performance.

By that I mean since Covid I have done a lot of intense indoor training and much much less 2 - 3 hour endurance rides. My numbers are far superior FTP MAP wise but I just don’t do the longer rides.

My question is will the improved numbers make up for the lack of hours on the bike. I think they will. I think being stronger means you can cruise along using less energy at a given speed, meaning you will cruise along for longer before fatigue takes hold. I’m guessing there’s a bit of research on this?


Would love to hear what Sir Neal and Max have to say on this because I can say for certain at about 12 weeks into my winter strength program my strength numbers are up, but after an hour to 90 minutes I see a sharp decline - no endurance on the bike - as I’m not training any endurance.

So, agree with you that yes faster at a given effort, but not for duration.

In season, I could hold 2.5 hours race pace on a MTB race.


In an amazing coincidence I did a MTB xco race today. First one since Covid induced shift work drove most of my training onto sufferfest. All good apart from my lack of trail skills.
My verdict: up to an hour and a half no issue at all. Over 2 hours; I’ll find out soon enough!!!

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Manually increase 4DP numbers by 1% each week to try and accelerate fitness gains? Is it a good idea, or will it drive you into overtraining? Patience grasshopper, when you can snatch the watts from my hand you can increase your numbers!! :martial_arts_uniform:

The impact and implication of age for performance and training - looking at eg over 40 up to 70+, what to look out for, etc (ie go beyond the ‘recovery takes longer’ bit)


If I recall, Sir Neal talked about reverse periodization, HIIT in the off-season at reduced volume, switching to higher volume lower intensity as your event nears. Not sure where I saw that though.


While I cannot get enough of all the technical aspects of the sport (the nutrition/biology/training methods/techniques for overcoming plateaus/etc…) it would be great to see videos like Alex mentions in #3 (especially cool if they can be watched without being linked to a specific workout). In addition to the topics he mentioned, I’ve wondered about: How do riders get to be recognized and become pros? How do you get to be a motorcycle driver during world class events? How do the team cars get organized during the race? What type of radios do they use, and are teams assigned their own channel or can everyone hear what is being said? There certainly is no lack of material.


I’d love to see some more nutrition information. The pre, during and post ride podcasts were interesting as I’ve only recently learned about RED-S and believe that I’m often under fuelling for sufficient recovery.

I’d love to get more information around how to calculate daily calories around training load, rest days, recovery weeks etc for optimal recovery and performance.

Maybe something already exists, but can’t find anything at the moment.


Something on the science on cramps, and how to address them during a ride.

Would link well to the fuelling episodes.