What was your first concert? What's been your favourite?

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First was YES in 1977 and was/is still probably my favourite and most memorable. So SUFfing good for so many reasons from sound quality, to the show itself and their musicianship. It’s been the benchmark for every concert I’ve ever attended since.


If you like Rush or Yes, try Dream Theater. :slight_smile:

My first concert was either Van Halen and Collective Soul or Dream Theater and Fates Warning at The Palace in Hollywood in 1994. I forget which I saw first. I’ve seen Dream Theater at least a half dozen times including one time the show was oversold and the Fire Marshall shut it down and then the LAPD brought in riot police to empty the venue…

But anyway. If you’re into progressive rock/metal and like Rush and Yes, then check out Dream Theater and Fates Warning.

DT’s first album When Dream and Day Unite very much has a Rush sound to it. Their second album Images & Words is my favorite and has an updated sound, but amazing musicianship. Their A Change of Seasons EP is an epic song of over 23 minutes and may be my second favorite.


Your favourite DT album (I’ll have to check it out) came out the year I graduated from a college that launched my career, started a new job, got married, and moved to a rural northern(ish) community 6 hours from where I grew up. It was also the year I stopped keeping up with what was happening in the music biz. Will have to check


Back in the early '70s and I don’t really remember. It might have been the Thad Jones and Mel Lewis Orchestra (big band) at the Village Vanguard, or Chic Corea (Light as a Feather) at the Bitter End. Both were mind blowing.


I heard it during my junior year of high school, the year after it came out. I came in early to zero period jazz band. Our jazz band drummer and guitarist brought in the album and played it over the band room sound system before class started. I then had to go buy my own copy. Didn’t attend my first concert until after their third album Awake came out during my freshman year of college. You saw your first concert when I was 1. :upside_down_face:

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My first concert was Toto in 1979 in Redding CA. Not my favorite show, but a lot of fun.

Most memorable show was definitely Radiohead at the Coachella Music Festival in 2012. I still clearly remember standing behind someone dressed as an astronaut while we all sang the lyrics to Karma Police. Really an unforgettable experience.


First: Muse, University of East Anglia LCR, 2001.
Favourite: Metallica, Wembley Stadium, 2007.


Believe it or not, I was much older and saw Creed in 1999/2000 at Cricket Pavilion in Peoria, Arizona. The group before were so loud I couldn’t hear the first few songs of their set.

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The Cranberries in 1999. Have seen some amazing ones since then, despite having VERY limited bands coming to South Africa.
Metallica, The Rasmus, Live (twice), Prodigy, Violent Femmes, Tori Amos, Fat Boy Slim, RHCP. There were more but I cant remember them all.


Damn girl!


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First and probably still most memorable was Pink Floyd’s The Wall Tour, 1980. Was probably too young to pick up on a lot of it yet - got smarter later. My buddys and I even screen-printed our own concert shirts…

Honestly my favorite might’ve been Sting and Edin Karamazov doing John Dowland’s lute music with the Royal Philharmonic for his “Songs from the Labyrinth” tour.



That’s some good ones. I was big on Metallica and The Prodigy, but never saw them live. I’m not a huge live concert fan so it took a lot to get me to go see one. But I’ve seen a few.

Dream Theater the most. But also have seen Queensryche, Type O Negative, Joe Satriani, Kings X, Moby, KMFDM, VAST, Rob Thomas, Eve 6 (original guitarist was in my HS jazz band). One time in 2002-ish my friend dragged me to see a triple concert with Aerosmith and Kiss, but my favorite band of the night was Porch Ghouls who were the opener that played some kind of porch-style blues/bluegrass.

One time I saw Dream Theater at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd and they had done something awful with how they mixed their sound that made it sound poor as well as too loud. I ended up losing about 75% of my hearing for almost a week. On the drive home I couldn’t hear my friend talking to me. Was like I was underwater. He got pulled over less than a mile after leaving the concert for accidentally running a stop sign. I didn’t hear the siren or even the cop’s voice when he was standing at the window talking to my friend. And when I went to work that next week I couldn’t answer the phone because I couldn’t hear anybody talking, and when I could it was too muddy for me to understand. That was scary for the first couple days until I noticed my hearing slowly improving.


1st, Eric Clapton in 2001.

Best: Tool, 2023. One of my bucket list bands to experience. The visuals combined with the setlist, great time, and no drugs were involved!

Worst: Megadeath 2018, I think, at a festival where they overdrove the board and blew either the back section speakers or blew the circuit to them. Thankfully the stage speakers were loud enough to hear Korn and Avenged Sevenfold. Probably one of the only times I’ve walked away from a concert able to hear as well as I walked in and didn’t wear ear plugs the whole time.

Most seen: Avenged Sevenfold. So good the first time I had to see them a second. If they come near me again, I’ll go see them again.


First: I think I saw Vanilla Ice play at the Ottawa Ex when I was pretty young. Wikipedia says that this would have been August 1991, so I would have been 9. Don’t judge.

Favourite: I don’t know. Too many. I have had the privilege of seeing many well known artists/groups, from BB King, Tom Petty, Clapton (x2), Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters (x3?), Pearl Jam (x6?), Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (x2), Coldplay (x4?) U2 (x8), and possibly the most important to me, especially in my formative years, The Tragically Hip :canada: (x13).

Worst: Hands down, Bob Dylan.

I think that what’s stood out to me from these shows is who I saw it with or the adventure that took me to the show. I feel like each show has been epic in their own way. It’s impossible to pick a favourite.

Haven’t seen too many shows over the past decade due to kids, but in 2024 I’m supposed to see Pearl Jam (in 2 weeks, although I don’t know if I can go :face_holding_back_tears:), Foo Fighters, The National & The War on Drugs (super excited!!) and Springsteen. Would take my kids to see Taylor Swift too if I could afford tickets! (My 12-year old is a HUGE Swiftie.)


Queen in 1984, and several Die Toten Hosen afterwards with lots of pogo dancing. pretty wild days back then. latest one I attended was Beethoven’s 9th Symphony by the Munich Philharmonics on New Year’s Eve. always worth going to :musical_note::notes::+1:


Those guys are awesome!! I’ve played “Kauf Much” and “Opium fürs Volk” more times than I can remember… Would have loved to see that in concert.

My first concert would have been Osdorp Posse in some grunge joint back in 1996 or so. Was mainly loud.

My favourite concert would be BB King in Rotterdam, a few years before he passed - such an amazing artist all the way to the end.


Thinking back and further jogging my memory, IIRC, the other act at the Bitter End with “Chic Corea and Return to Forever” was Hoyt Axton! That was def a very big and fun contrast with Chic. Also around that time, I saw my first 'Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention" concert with George Duke on keyboards. It was a big theater somewhere in NJ. The precision with which his wild compositions were played and executed was incredible.


My first big concert was the Stones Vodoo Lounge Tour in 1995. It was a great show, but I never felt in love with these mass events.
The concerts I liked most were smaller ones.


HA! They were so big when I lived in Bayern! Felt like their music was playing at every. damn. fest.

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My first concert was Iron Maiden at Festival Hall in Melbourne in 1985. Not my style of music any more, but it appealed to 15 year-old me!

It’s way too hard to pick a favorite, but some highlights have been the times I’ve seen Sigur Ros, Low, Nick Cave, Mogwai, Besnard Lakes, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions In The Sky. And so many small venue shows in Melbourne where you could just sit on the floor and take in the music.

And the worst show ever was U2 at the MCG in Melbourne on the Zooropa tour in 1993. That concert made me vow to never see another stadium show again - I would have been better off at home sitting in front of my stereo.