Workout Fuel

I’ve seen pre and post workout nutrition discussed in the forum, but I don’t think I’ve seen during workout nutrition.

I was wondering what people’s go to workout snacks include.

For anything in the 60-90 minute range I’ve been going with apple sauce lately. It’s easy to eat, and the glucose to fructose content should be pretty decent for optimal carb loading however they only have 16 grams of carbs per packet, so that doesn’t pack a lot of punch for the long workouts.

I’d love to see what others are taking on-board. No shame in sharing candy either. :grinning:

I don’t fuel during a session. I haven’t felt the need yet.

Be sure to also check the following, unless this is the thread you’re referring to:

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For anything under 2 hours, nothing. Just water with PH tabs or powder.

Beyond that, any gel that tastes good for me - very personal - a banana or a stroopwafel.

Longer than 4 hours and I’ll schedule a stop, with a bowl of soup or something with eggs.

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Love a stroopwafel myself, not as common Canada though, I would say the Clif bar is probably the most popular.

Gels and energy drinks are the only things I can get down during a hard workout. For endurance rides I’ll take bars and rice cakes too.

I aim to munch/drink through as many quality carbs as I can cope with, which for me is about 60-80g per hour. I start off fully carbed up too.

I have tried more minimal fuelling in the past, but I perform much better when fully fuelled and get less fatigue on longer rides.

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Clif bars are also good - we have those here as well, but they are 10x more expensive than a stroopwafel.

Still only around 2 Euros each, but I can buy a pack of 10 stroopwafels for that :joy:

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I would say there is a big difference in my nutrition strategies. They fall into three main categories outdoor, indoor, and events. I also very much prescribe to the whole foods theory so if you can take food you prep at home that is better than store bought pre-packaged.

For Outdoor - My calorie burn is usually a lot higher so the strategy becomes the trash can theory; if its not nailed down I’m eating it. No, my weight doesn’t go up very much, I gain a few pounds of water weight because of humidity and yeah genetics.

For Events - I haven’t been in too many hoping to change that soon but usually carb-ing up works for me.

For indoor - Most of my workouts for my plan are about getting my VO2 Max up so that means they are short, sweet(ehh?), and intense so eating something solid is not really an option however I have found that Skratch in the bottles is great, and a little ounce or two of juice in the bottle works great to add some liquid carbs and cals. When a workout reaches about the 90 minute marker is when I start thinking about gels and possibly a solid. Anything shorter than 45 minutes I try to stick to just water.
Also I have been taking in about half a bottle during warmup and have noticed a bit better performance during the workout, not quite sure what to make of this yet. I’m thinking it has to do with bioavailability.

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