Your best indoor season. Listen to Breakfast With Boz

Wondering how to transition from the outdoor to indoor season? The Breakfast with Boz podcast, hosted by Ian Bozwell, chats with our sports science team including Coach @Coach.Mac.C, Coach @Coach.Jeff.H and our Yogi @abicarver! Listen here:


My Open 40 playlist is settled! Thanks! :wink:

Great podcast, this is really timely as we plan out the indoor transition.

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Excellent podcast - what a great listen. That ability to see beyond the bike to be better on the bike for overall fitness/health more generally - makes a lot of sense to me. I could easily listen to a whole podcast dedicated to each of the sports science team above and yogi Abi who brought up so many important concepts - so I look forward to the Dinner with David podcast series :wink: - the three course degustation version of Breakfast with Bos where you unpack all the knowledge and ideas mentioned here in a slowed down end of day discussion … you’d have at least one listener :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


one of his best

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