The Knowledge: The Value of Not Training

In this episode Host, Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin are taking a break! Not from the podcast but specifically they discuss why and the importance of how to plan and maximize your recovery. Low endurance training, active recovery and just kicking back and relaxing. Have a listen and then discuss here.

Listen to the episode here

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It’s weird but taking a break from the bike is hard to do. I definitely have an anxiety that I’d lose loads of fitness by taking a couple of weeks off, so it was great to hear that very thing being discussed on the podcast. Normally we talk of courage being found digging down the Suf mines in The Shovel, but it feels a bit like being brave enough to take some time off. Based on this I’ve decided to take 2 weeks off before going into the transition up plan. Never done this before so have to trust the science!


I just want to say - and this extends across the multiple episodes released so far - that it is great to be hearing more from Mac Cassin and enjoying his sharp sense of humor, too. From early videos, I thought he just liked poking people with needles and hooking people to Sufferlandrian holy water extraction machines. While I’m sure he still enjoys that, he’s also a good communicator and darn knowledgeable. Thanks, Mac, for also suffering in the recording studio.