12-week custom plan trip report

I just wrapped up a 12-week customised training plan with Coach Andy and thought I’d write some notes on the experience. Coach Andy set up my schedule riding an average of 6 days / week, although I had one stretch of 25 straight days on the bike. I did the plan almost 100% indoors, and I’d occasionally swap out the planned workouts for a group ride or Zwift race. I also lift 2-3 days / week and worked in yoga. I did all of the scheduled rides, but skipped yoga about half the time.

The increase in volume had me pretty tired until the last month or so of the plan. My power in efforts like full-throttle Zwift races was down about 10% across the board until month 3 ; my body finally adjusted to the beatings around the last month.

For the custom plans, you start with the Full Frontal at the beginning and do it again at the end to measure your progress, as well as the Half Monty ramp test 2/3 of the way though. My FTP was about 5% lower than usual in my first 4DP test, possibly due to the fact that I wasn’t used to pacing FTP after 2 all-out sprints and a 5-min max effort.

In my 2nd FF at the end of the plan, my 4 metrics were all up 8-10% (with my FTP getting back to normal), except for my anaerobic capacity (1-min power), which went up 22%. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the results. I’m reasonably well-trained, so 10-20% in 3 months feels like a pretty solid gain. It was an average of about 7 hours / week on the bike, and 9-12 hours when including lifting and yoga.

Not improving my FTP was a bit disappointing, but I think that riding solely indoors wasn’t great for the sustained power, even if I did have one or two longer rides per weekend.

Would I do it again ? I already signed up for my 2nd plan, this one arranged around my IRL race schedule :slight_smile: Thanks Coach Andy !

Power profile following plan

Power profile at plan start (my true FTP as measured by riding an hour was 230 watts)


Fantastic post-plan report.

Congrats on gains!

I’m hearing lots of good things about the custom plans. Makes me wish I had an event I was working toward in the near future so I could try them out.


Brilliant work @thomasp !


Hey Evan,

We can still target the plans towards gains in fitness or 4DP results so that when events do happen, you’ll be in even better shape and ready to smash them! You can always book a call with a coach if you’re curious to find out more before committing to a fully customised plan.

Coach Andy


Awesome work Thomas!

You’ve put in all the hard work over the course of this plan so those gains in fitness are a reflection of your commitment, nice one! We’ll get that sustained power up again through this next plan so you can smash those upcoming TTs!

Coach Andy

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