12s cassettes question

Hi all,
I have the following question with the Wahoo Kickr. I used to ride an 11s Shimano bike and used it on a Kickr in its original state with no issues. Now I have upgraded to a 12s Campa-equipped bike, and Kickr will also be used by my wife on her yet-to-be determined new bike. I’d like to make it all as much aligned as possible, but Campa-equipped bikes are unfortunately still rather rare.

So my question is, do I have to limit both Kickr’s and my wife’s bike’s cassettes to be Campa 12s, or any 12s cassettes would work without issues?

Many thanks!

Campag 12sp uses the same freehub mount as Campag 11sp, so you will need to swap the freehub on your Kickr from your Shimano one to a Campag one.


Campag vary sprocket spacing across the cassette to improve shifting performance so if your wife gets a new bike with shimano 12sp the shifting will be sub-optimal if you leave a Campag cassette on the Kickr.

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Thanks a lot for such a quick and clear answer. Seems like it will have to be a 12s Campagnolo bike then, which does limit the options, or I would have to get used to riding on a smaller frame to use her bike on the Kickr