Kickr Core/older Campy compatibility ?s

I have a 20 year old bike that is still in great condition that I want to use as my dedicated winter trainer and looking to purchase the Kickr Core. The bike has the original 10 speed Campy Titanium Record groupset on it, which has the 8 arm rear hub that is not compatible with the freehub sold by Wahoo, which is a 4 arm. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and found a workaround solution? Didn’t know if a 2010 or newer Cassette might work with this or not or if there was some other solution. I have contacted Wahoo and they say they can’t know for sure and my local bike shop says the same. Any insight would be greatly helpful.

Just buy a 10spd Shimano cassette to fit on the Kickr. Campagnolo 10spd sprockets are thicker than Shimano but the spacers are thinner by the same amount, so the Shimano cassette should index properly with Campagnolo derailleur and shifters.


I was curious if that might work. Thank you for responding!

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