12spd Shimano cassette/Campagnolo Kickr


I’m considering upgrading my groupset to 12 spd Campy Chorus, from Shimano.

I have Wahoo Kickr (purchased this year) that came with an 11spd cassette.

My questions relating to what I need to do to the Kickr to make it compatible.

  • If I buy a 12spd Shimano cassette, will this fit on the supplied Kickr hub free wheel?
  • If not, what do I need to do/get to transfer it?

For context, my understanding is Campy will run on a Shimano cassette, but the splines are different. If I wanted to run a campy cassette on the Kickr, I’d need an adapter.


Hey @Willard79,
I think that you’ll need one of these as well.

I’m also not an expert so you could confirm that by dropping our support crew a note here.

Hope that helps!