4DP vs Half Monty FTP

Newbie here, I did the 4DP test about 6 weeks ago and it determined my FTP as 264 watts, well in line with my past FTP tests in that other virtual world who focus on colored socks. I did the Half Monty ramp test and it updated my FTP to 323 watts. But I’m surprised such a large difference could be found between the two test methods. (My 4DP athlete profile is time trialist). It seems SYSTM just takes the higher value for FTP, but is there a tangible difference with the Ramp Test and constrained HR test viewed as the more accurate FTP calculation than the 4DP? I just completed 9 Hammers with the new (higher) FTP value and I can say I was deep in the suffer well, but was able to hit the target power levels and HR zones (for 8 of 9 hammers anyway). Thanks for any tips/feedback

Welcome @Kevin_Smith !

I am a fellow Time Trialist per my 4DP results, my weakness being MAP. After getting my 4DP profile, I jumped in with both feet to tackle 9 Hammers since it was a 5-star rated video for MAP. With respect to the large spread with your FTP numbers, the “easy” solution would be to redo the Full 4DP and see if there is still a large spread. Since FTP focuses on our 60 minute potential, have you had a chance to do the Climbing videos like Angel?, as our stated strength is being able to lay down consistent power over a long period. I think the Climbing videos, like Angel, can help give some prospective to the validity of your 4DP FTP number. I’m struggling when I do any of the Climbing videos, so I think it re-enforces my FTP number.
For what it’s worth, my FTP difference from “colored socks world” - 344, to Sufferfest - 312, was a wet towel in my face. Without question, I feel my Sufferfest 4DP number is far more accurate.
Again, Welcome!

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Being new to 4DP, there’s a chance that you can do the 20min part of Full Frontal a lot harder. Did you feel you gave it your all?

I’m a TT-ist according to the profile and feel that HM gives me good numbers to base training on.

Welcome and congratulations on improving your FTP, how much did you MAP increase by?

If you couldn’t meet the target for hammer 9, then your FTP and MAP from the HM might be a
bit too high, 9 Hammers is reduced in difficulty from what it once was and should now be doable even on fresh numbers.

HM is know to overestimate FTP and MAP for some rider types, especially those with really good AC.

If you’ve only done 1x FF 4DP test its also possible that you didn’t really push hard or enough or pace the 5min and 1 min test quite right if you didn’t have any experience of how to pace them.