Half Monty failed to calc FTP

Hi there. I have just completed the Half Monty and whilst it gave me some numbers during the test upon completion it said it could calculate any as “it looks like you didn’t stick to the power targets”.

The problem came about that the ERG mode and the trainer I had was constantly pushing me about 15w over the target. So the trainer resistance was wrong but my (separate) power meter was correct.

Is there anything I can do to even roughly calculate some of the 4DP values from my results? Whilst the test wasnt the worst thing in the world - it’s not something I am keen to revisit needlessly.


Hi @Vilbs and welcome!

I hate to say it, but I’m afraid that the general consensus is going to be to do it again or do a Full Frontal instead.

For what it’s worth:

The 20 min session of my last Half Monty was about 87% of the FTP it calculated in the end.

I peaked the ramp test at 117% of my MAP.

See what happens if you use those numbers to calculate yours and build up the courage to do a Full Frontal.

They’re a really good workout in themselves, so you might as well do one at some point.

For purposes of SYSTM workouts, I would use the trainer’s power numbers. Don’t worry whether they are the same as your separate meter (I’m assuming your trainer works and power tracks your external meter, even if it differs). Remember: SYSTM will tell the trainer what resistance to apply for every workout. That means it needs to base everything off the trainer’s power measurement. I’d suggest turning off your separate power meter and using the trainer’s for everything. Then do Half Monty again (erg mode for stair steps, level mode after)or Full Frontal. [Some trainers require a spin down process to calibrate the power meter. If yours does, do that first. Mine doesn’t, so I can’t provide much additional info.]

If it helps, think of the numbers as “trainer points” that SYSTM uses to plan workouts customized to your abilities. If happens that trainer points are related to watts, but don’t worry about that. It’s like different currencies. Prices in dollars are different from prices in euros. If you’re paying in dollars, you have to use the dollar price. Roughly following the analogy, SYSTM sends the trainer instructions in dollars when you’re doing a workout, so you have to do the fitness tests in dollars too.

Note that Indoor/trainer and outdoor power are different for most people for multiple reasons: location of power measurement device, calibration or zero-point differences, different body mechanics on a bike attached to a trainer versus rolling down a road, psychological differences, etc.


Thanks for that I will calculate based on your %s even if just for a few days until I pluck up the courage for another workout :slight_smile: I actually found the constrained test the hardest part! Thanks again.

Thanks AkaPete. That’s a really useful analogy and makes a lot of sense. My turbo is Bkool Pro and I don’t have much confidence in it’s accuracy so generally in other apps (i.e. Trainer Road) I do powermatching where the trainer uses my separate PM to apply resistance. This has tended to work pretty well. Alas. Again I take (and like) your point about forgetting it’s watts and rather just units. Anyway its Christmas soon and I am hoping to upgrate to a Kickr and then hopefully my like of faith in the turbo will disappear. Thanks again.

I love my KICKR, but I think I’ve read that the KICKR doesn’t do power matching very well. So you might have to stick with points. I avoid this issue because my outdoor bike with a power meter isn’t the same bike that I have on my KICKR–so I’m “stuck” with the KICKR power numbers.