A message for the minions

Just a shout out to the minions for the new videos. I have been using SUF for many years now and it is absolutely wonderful to see various things evolve and develop over time. Obviously, now cycling is more accessible the footage quality has improved but the on-screen text and storylines have also improved, the science has obviously improved and the SUF sense of humour is stronger than ever! The Hardennes Real Estate advert had me actually laughing between intervals :joy:

I haven’t done Cobbler yet but I’m sure it’s epic! I’d also like to say a big well done with Attacker on utilising the Kickr Climb feature so, so well. It works well on many sessions but this was the first time it truly mimicked what was happening on the screen and we had gradient changes mid-interval. Absolutely brilliant and a job well done, give yourselves a big glass of RealPagne!

Long live GvA (the proper one, not that Greg chap!)