Le Tour at home with SYSTM?

I was thinking about devising a Tour de Home to mimic the TdF using SYSTM videos. E.g. for mountain stages a long climbing focus video, etc. I’m sure I’m not the first to have thought of this. Has anyone else put this together? Or have suggestions on how to pick the right videos to go with the right stages?
this is my first draft, I welcome any suggestions!



Love it, but we need TTs in there. How about Team Scream for the TT at stage 20 and Giro d’Italia 1 for the prologue?


Yes! Updated accordingly :slight_smile:

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Love it. Could you post the updated version so I can print it without having to type it all out?


Thanks for that brilliant idea and the effort you already put into the list!

of course! here’s the updated screenshot (i can’t attach an excel – if you want the excel so you can edit or whatever, just send me your e-mail address)



Well-played. Impressed with the amount of thought and effort that went into this!

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Yes agree! Well done! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

What I did last year was a mini 21-day challenge. Essentially, I’d watch the 45m highlight show every day of the tour, and whilst it was playing, I’d pick open-45 on SYSTM, which was running in the background, with sound/story/video disabled.

I could do whatever I felt like during the open-45 (mimic on-screen, tempo, recovery), but I’d watch the tour highlights as the video/soundtrack.

My goal was to just do this for all 21 days (whilst fitting it into my other training).

I think I shall do the same again this year.

Edit: I just read that this year there is also a Tour de Femmes…. That 21 days will now be 29 days.


Great idea!!

Would love to do this with you all over here!
But, but I will be at least 2 days late since I am involved in an exhibition till 2nd July.

Would I be classified as Did not start? Haha

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Same @DarrenWCKam . I am inspired, and just happen to have a window in my training calendar to do something fun and different!

Great idea(s) @rinaf and @feeny . Think I need to come up with something and join in!

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@feeny, where do you get your Tour highlight vids? I love the long recaps on GCN+, and assume that’s where I’ll get my TdF fix as well, but even for the Giro those were typically 30-40min long.

I’m imagining combining your and @rinaf’s ideas to do SYSTM stages while watching the day’s recap - maybe just do the workout for as long as the recap runs and call it a day. Might be a nice early-summer break before I jump into century prep for the fall.

So here’s my take: based loosely on the tour stage profiles and incorporating some workouts I’ve not done yet.

I’m going with @feeny’s spirit of the thing - so as not to absolutely blow myself up - I would likely ride the stage while watching the highlight reel, and cut it off to the cool-down once the video is complete.

Just for practice sake, I may ride the whole thing in level mode as well. Getting a little rusty.

This sounds like a fun way to “participate” in the TdF. Thanks for the idea! And again, HT to @rinaf and @feeny for the inspiration.


Actually I am currently not on any training plan at the moment so I think I have just that little bit of flexibility. But I think, I will be starting perhaps 2 days late

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Darren W.C. Kam

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Thx a lot from France, I will try too


There’s no try :wink:

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There is no try :wink:

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I’ll do :wink:

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FWIW minions, this little exercise has taught me that we really need an explainer or description page for every SYSTM workout that at least tells us when, where, and what race the video comes from!

I know many of the SUFF workouts have a brief tag in the video about the footage, but it would be nice to have it all referenced in one place.