A week with Boswell

I just tried to ride this, ignoring the day 1 intro, but day 2 wouldn’t show. I am sure it did when I scoped it earlier. I then looked at a week with Phil Gaimon and similarly a day missing. Is there is a reason for this? Really frustrating because I wanted a weeks organised riding to take me into the Xmas festivities.

Day 2 is a yoga session called Morning Routine. It won’t show among the cycling workouts.

You can make the complete week pop up on your calendar by selecting Plan, A Week With, Ian Boswell, Add to Calendar.


@Utan thanks.

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Day 2 for Ian Boswell is a yoga video, I believe, no cycling.


@Devries Looks like there is an intro and then yoga on day 1. There are two rest days in the plan.