Spend a week with Ian Boswell starting January 17th

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to train with a pro, now’s your chance. You’re invited to spend a week with former WorldTour pro, current gravel champion, and Wahoo athlete Ian Boswell at his farm in Peacham, Vermont. Join Ian starting Jan 17 to ride where he rides, train how he trains, eat what he eats, and earn the chance to win some signed swag.

How it works:
If you don’t already have a subscription to SYSTM, sign-up for your free 14 day trial here.

Log into SYSTM, go to the Plans tab, and apply the A Week With Ian Boswell plan to your calendar with a start date of January 17th. You can also use this link) to apply the plan directly via the SYSTM web app.

Ian will be live-streaming the Race Winning Efforts session on January 20th, with a live Q&A to answer all of your training questions and share some pro woodchopping tips. Watch this space for details on how to join.

Share your progress using the hashtag #AWeekWithSYSTM on Instagram to be entered for a chance to win Ian’s actual race number from the 2018 Tour de France, signed by Boz himself, plus a towel, 5-panel hat, sweatband, and 2 insulated water bottles. It’s like an all-access, backstage pass to getting fast.


Count me in!

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Ian Boswell plan…ToS prep…Knighthood prep…


Maybe a dumb question but how is this going to be different that the video series that already exists?

Applying the plan does not put the some of the workouts on the dates they say they belong.
Specifically, Race Winning Efforts appears on Day 3, January 19 rather than Day 4, January 20. Spikes appears on Day 6 instead of Day 7.

Can you ask Ian to pop in to Edinburgh and do some riding live please? That would be a good week (for some of us, probably boring for Ian)

… climbs back in to box and closes lid again ….


Am I the only one first-glance-reading this as an invitation to actually stay at the farm? :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Not the only one ……

Better check flights ….

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January in Vermont…take my word for it guys.

Though @Martin from Scotland it’s probably not much difference. :wink:


Bring your skis…And your woolies. I’ll stay here, thank you.

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Whoops. It has come to our attention that applying the plan puts some of the workouts on the wrong dates. The coaches have resolved the issue, but if you previously applied the ‘A Week with Ian Boswell’ training plan, you’ll need to delete it and re-apply it to your calendar with a start date of January 17th. That should fix the discrepancy. As you were.


Is there any update on the timing of the live streamed ride? Interested to know what time this will be scheduled in the UK.

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Just received a Wahoo email confirming 12.00 EST which will be 5.00pm UK.

Unfortunately no good for me unless I can skip work early! :frowning:

Now, if it could only be at 1.00pm EST ……………

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Is the live session on the 20th a ride, or something else? If it’s a ride, there’s also a ride in the plan on that day. Sounds like an intensive day.


Are there other possibilities for those who have deliberately banned Facebook and sister companies from their lives?
Can we share via Twitter f.e. and be eligeble for a win?


Don’t you need pastel coloured cords and Barbour shirts to enter Edinburgh?

2 questions.

  1. Does Morning Routine count towards yoga days completed? Or only the Yoga15 sessions?

  2. If I move The Creemee ride from Friday to Saturday will I still get credit for completing the plan?

You can move the sessions around freely. I moved mine quite far back due to sickness and got it without problems.


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I know I can move the sessions around freely I’ve been using Thai platform for 3 years. Since this is a challenge week I want to ensure I’m staying in the 50 hour window.