Ability to Continue After Completed Workout

I have just finished a short workout, but wanted to continue and stay in ERG mode for a bit longer once the video had ended. Unfortunately the popup stopped me from changing settings and my only option was to click end workout. Clicking ‘Continue Workout’ was a feedback loop, bringing the end workout popup back.

@zsteyer Try the Extra Shot video - it is good when you want to get a bit more in after a workout.

If you click continue workout you can then drag the slider backwards to redo the last part of the video while it’s still paused. You can do this as many times as you want.

Or you can pull up “Recovery Spin” or one of the Open series if you want to ride longer than a couple minutes.

As JSampson said, doing Extra Shot might be what you are looking for, if you want a bit of additional work. But if you are just looking to recover my go-to of choice is Thursday Fields. It is a real easy recovery with just the right amount of higher cadence to really clear the legs out over 20 minutes. I guess it depends on what you want to do over that extra time.

Welcome @zsteyer

I think what you’re asking is can you just continue riding as you can in some other apps. Unfortunately no. The quickest is as per @emacdoug - pause and drag the slider back. Seconds.

Otherwise you need to load another workout which takes a little longer. Extra Shot is great but IMHO it’s been mis-labelled. Extra Bite would be better …