Suggestion For The App

Hey Minions,

2 Things:

Yes, the genius of this program is for time-crunched athletes, SUF offers many short, but effective, workouts to get into a busy day. But right now for me, and maybe for some others, burning Fat right now, is a major goal, as I try to drop weight.

1 Adding time at the end
At the end of the workouts that are under an hour, would it be possible to have the option when, as the Flag appears, to “extend cool down?” or “finish workout”? Settings could remain on the same cadence and power as the last minute. Even w/o video/music just the cadence/power/Hr stats continuing would be a nice way to get a longer spin out, and burn more calories, after most of the carbohydrate supplies are used up. Just a thought.

2 Master settings for Audio.

I mirror the SUF app from my iPhone via my Apple TV to the Samsung flat screen TV. But it’s speakers are sensitive and have a “blown out” sound when I play back SUF. As I begin each ride, I have to go to specific workout’s audio settings and back down the audio from full to 80%.

Anyway to have a global way to adjust that audio once, so when the workout loads, it comes in at 80%?



@itsbrianegan Try the Extra Shot video - it is designed to be added on to other videos as it has no warm-up.

For TV sound, I just use the TV remote to make adjustments. I find that the iPad doesn’t control the sound well when in the app.


You can also just rewind the video or add a short inspiration video


I’d like to suggest a manual override when following a training plan. Sure you can ammend by changing the date of a workout, but that adds to the next available training day. There can be instances when you just can’t complete a program from that day, health, workload, whatever. I’d like to see an option to move the whole calendar forward x days as they have been missed.

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@Marty2503 Agreed - I think it is in the works for the new platform. For now you can delete your plan which will delete all future workouts from the calendar. Then go in and select the same plan and set the end date of the plan to one day after the prior plan end date. The calendar will populate with all future workouts but wont add workouts to dates in the past.

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I know, I’ve tried Extra Shot. I have definitely “just played another video”. But sometimes I just want a longer cool down/spin out w/o having to really “do anything” … without having to “decide.”

After back to back Revolver/GOAT, the other day, I was gassed, and I just wanted to get a longer cool down. Without having to pick something or get invested in a new story line.

An extend cool down feature just to spin it out for a few minutes more, for me, would enhance my use of the app.




I’ve done “Recovery Spin” more times than all other workouts combined. Ok, not quite. But I have done 439 activities according to the SUF app and 110 of them are “Recovery Spin.” It’s a 30 minute long no-vid which allows me to ride it for however long I feel like without being invested in a story line. I’ll do it for 5, 10, 15, 20, or the full 30 minutes. Whatever I need.

Sometimes it’s nice to just pull it up and spin. Other times I too wish I could just add on an extra 5 minutes cool down to my workouts. However, as a numbers guy, I like having my extra cool down workouts separated from my main workouts. Otherwise, I can’t go back and compare them. That has happened a few times when I’ve rewound the end of a video 5 or so minutes and then I typically regret that later.

So, it would be nice to be able to add on extra recovery, but only if it would get separated from the main workout. Like if the playlist feature was added. Then I could always have Recovery Spin queued up to play immediately after every workout and then ride it for however long I feel - or not.


I do Open 30 on Slope - it’s a beautiful film and the slope lets you work as hard (or not) as you wish. A good fix for me anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks Liz, your suggestion. Appreciate it.