Ability to sort by 'times ridden'

Would be great to be able to sort the videos by number of times ridden or last time ridden. I am not following a plan so like to work through different videos and this would be a helpful addition to the sort function (appreciate it would need to be specific to each user and therefore require some programming).



Hi Ricardo - you can sort by Last Ridden on the Mac version of the App (but not on iOS) - not sure about PC version - worth checking.

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Yes! I was about to make another thread to request the return of this feature. It is not showing for me in the pc version. It doesn’t tell if I have ever done the workout either, which is especially aggravating after the renaming (and new descriptions too? ) of the yoga videos.
I like to work my through the new cycling videos I have never tried, and a house many times they have been ridden.
with yoga, I know which workout I am looking for but don’t know which it is now. This feels a bit like I have knocked myself on the head and woke up a lost stranger in a land I should know well lol.
Please help us pc users😂