Suggestion : show completed workouts


i realy like the Systm App, but it would/could be even greater if there was an option to display wich workouts one already completed. There are so many and I want to catch them all :sweat_smile:

Maybe a simple additional filter option?

Kind Regards !
Christ D.


Agreed. The old SUF app would show the date last ridden as well as how many times but you’d have to click the workout details to see it. It was never sortable that way.

I 100% would love to be able to filter by “times ridden”.


Hopefully the functionality is coming but in the meantime you can go here:

Login with your Systm user and password and then click on e.g. “All The Sufferfest” you can then see which videos you’ve ridden and how many times you’ve completed each one.


Thanks for sharing this. A good option in the interim until that functionality is back