Sorting workouts

Hi there, long time subscriber here.
I like the new look and some videos like the Pro series stuff look really interesting.

My request is to bring back sorting workouts by IF or TSS. Right now it’s just title and duration where I used to look up workouts by their IF or TSS.


@Julio_Flores Pretty sure that is there now.


Huh. I don’t see that in mine (Win10). I do agree that it’s very useful functionality.

I’m sure it will come as the updates roll out over the various OS versions. We have already had several updates since launch, an indication I think of how much easier they are probably finding it to release update with the new app.

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I am still missing the sorting/grouping within a 4dp focus as before: Screenshot 2021-10-05 174800|367x500

Is this coming back?

Sorting by TSS or IF is not available in all parts of the Library. If I choose Cycling I get the same sorting options @JSampson has - at least on macOS and iPadOS. But if I enter directly via channel like choosing ‘The Sufferfest’ on the Library page, I only get Title, Duration and Content Type.
I would really like to have all applicable sorting option within the channels as well.

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Oh yes, you are absolutely right. Well spotted. I see the same on Win10. Odd, but a winke that will get ironed out I’m sure.

What’s the approved way of reporting such things? Oddities like that often fall down the cracks and don’t get picked up. I assume it’s an oversight rather than being intended.

You could use the support form located here:

@kah Good catch - yes, I see the same on iOS. I expect that feature will be added at some point.

Yeah, I see the sorting now under “Cycling” but not in the “Channels” (W10).

Thanks for the replies, let’s hope they get that figured out soon.

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It would be great to have DOWNLOADED as a filter option like in the old platform.


Yes, please. Where did the “downloaded” filter go? Now I have to rely on my crappy memory to remember which ones I’ve downloaded. Must be nice to have reliable high speed internet that would allow me to just stream on demand.

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