Adding DI2 in stages

I’m debating making the jump to DI2 but don’t want to splash all the cash in one go. I’ve read that it can be done in bits but they didn’t go into much more detail. Has anyone done this? What would be the minimum components needed? I assume that I’d do the rear first.

How easy is it to fit, I’ve got internal routed cables if that makes any difference.

You would normally buy a Di2 upgrade kit to convert your mechanical setup, depending on what groupset you already have? You can convert the rear only I believe, but having different hoods on left and right side would mess with my OCD.

I hadn’t seen the upgrade kits. I’ve current got Ultrgra from 2018 I think, don’t know the exact version. I’ll look at upgrading.

Any idea on the second hand market for the kiti take off?

Sorry no idea on second hand market, but I would guess it’s not all that strong. Probably best to check eBay completed sales etc

You on disc or rim? second hand market is strong in uk for almost every component new old used etc. Facebook marketplace and groups are so busy


I’ll have a look at the options.