Di2 issues

Not really SUF related (I know, right!) but I’m out of touch with the world of cycling forums so hoping somebody might be able to signpost me - where’s the best place to go for advice on technical issues these days?

Alternatively if anybody fancies chiming in - new Di2 GRX groupset on the ultra machine, all components showing up on the E-TUBE update field but unable to customise anything relating to syncroshift as the SM-EW90-A isn’t shown on the customise page, while the shifters are shown and all the options on the ‘maintenance’ screen are greyed out.

Just confirming you’re using a computer to do this? You may find it easier to just use the button on the junction box to change it if it’s not connecting for some reason. It’s been almost 3 years since I last connected mine to a laptop so I can’t remember.

Do you have the Bluetooth module? If so, you can do it by your phone or even your Garmin head unit.

I can’t remember but I’m not sure if syncroshift is changed by selecting a shifter or a derailleur, o think it’s a global setting? Have you searched YouTube for how to change to syncroshift? Once you’ve done that you should be able to change at which gear the front mech will shift. I have changed mine by 1 gear to prevent cross chaining even more.

The chap who runs bettershifting has literally just been on the case - there’s some mismatch between shimano’s various arms, and the RD I’m using doesn’t support the synchro shift according to the e-tube software, even though it is physically doing it!

Looks like its one of those Shimano quirks, so I’m just holding off on the firmware updates until it all gets sorted :stuck_out_tongue: