Adding In Additional Warmup

Being a gent of somewhat senior years, I find I perform far better with an extended warmup and typically find the warmups in most sessions (those of around 1 hour duration) just a bit too short

What I typically do is add in something like Igniter run at 95% to begin with

Am I alone in this approach :thinking:

Would be interested in other’s thoughts :blush:

@CB_357 I often do a warm up - whether Ignitor or GCN Ready, Steady Go. Here is a thread and post by Coach Mac that you might find of value:


Thanks for the link and the heads up for Ready Steady Go … greatly appreciated

@CB_357 ,
Another good option is to play Open :15 in level mode so you can control the effort and do your own build/harder efforts however you feel you need them. You can mimic some of the efforts in Igniter or GCN, or vary the stimulus, like adding a cadence build or two before the intensity blocks. Feel free to use your creativity to keep it interesting!


Hey Suzie … some great ideas. Thanks :grinning:

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I use the Pre-Ride Activation yoga session as a warmup. Especially before Full Frontal, but also at other times when I feel like the in-workout warmup won’t be enough.


A good idea but I need something that really gets the HR elevated

Fair enough. I’m usually looking for something to start the warmup process after a day of sitting at a desk!