Igniter vs Warm Up:25 minutes

I’ve got Warm Up:25 minutes scheduled to do before Violator on my plan today, is it ok to swap this for Igniter because I prefer workouts with videos?

oddly I had Igniter scheduled in my plan last week the same day as 9H, but the notes against Igniter said to do before Violator. I though doing Igniter 1 week before Violator seemed a bit excessive so I did it before 9H, assuming it was a typo in the plan.

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my view is, your warm up is your warm up and you should feel free to do whatever works best for you. just like if you were to do violator outside. you’d ride out to whatever roads / trails are conducive to the actual workout, and along the way, you’d naturally find yourself doing whatever efforts you need to do to get ready, at a cadence that feels good.


@JGreengrass +1. Personally I jump around to different warmups depending on how I feel and also the length of the warmup in the workout. My standard is the 10 minute NoVid but Ignitor is great and gets you psyched up to hit it hard.