Additional fields in exported FIT file

In my 3+ years with SUF, there is one thing that does always come back to “bug” me whenever I want to analyze my workouts with specific tools. The lack of HRV R-R and left/right pedal balance.

I’m aware some limitations to these fields is the fact that not all HR sensors or power meters can provide the information, but for those that do, it seems a shame they aren’t part of the SUF generated FIT file vs. having to use ANT+ or ANT+/BT bridges to capture the data in another device (Garmin Head Unit for example), use a bunch of FIT editing tool to align the files in order to produce one master FIT file.

Hence the ask: Please expand the list of fields supported in the FIT file generated by SUF activities so that HRV/R-R and left/right pedal balance are recorded and exported.


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