Sync activities from Strava to SUF calendar

Is there a way to sync activities FROM Strava to the SUF calendar? All I can seem to find is syncing TO Strava.


Not yet. But it’s on our radar. We’d love to get that done.


Hi David. In regards to the SUF calendar, would there be any plans in the works for tracking steps, calories, HRV, sleep, etc in addition to importing data from Strava?. If so, I’d never need another workout tracking calendar EVER!


Im glad I have seen this post as my outside rides in the calendar do not show the duration. Whats the point in having a indoor and outdoor training plan if the outdoor rides are not counted. I have made a new post called Outdoor cycling but no replies as of yet…


We ok that we’ve covered this in the other thread now @spoons52?

( in that the calendar isn’t a measure of performance - it’s a calendar that tells you what to ride … and a lot of people use a different tool for measuring training stress, or total efforts over time etc )

If the calendar does eventually become a measurement tool, we’d all love that.

That could be the end for paying for Training Peaks and Strava all at once !! (though do bear in mind both those tools have working free options, and then there’s thing like Golden Cheetah (free), Todays Plan (free or paid) and others.

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yes yes and yes
Thank you sir

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