Oi! Grunter! I want a word with you!

I was promised that I’d never have to do chores again if I did The Chores and yet, at the end of Alpilles, there’s a Chores-wannabe waiting for me!

Another fine On Location ride that left a significant puddle of Holy Water under my bike.

Only slight disappointment was when Mike was discussing the Olive Oil he says “I went over to the dark side”.

Surely he meant to say “I went to A Very Dark Place”?

A chance for some audio editing @Francois-Wahoo ? :grinning:


I just rode Alpilles. Holy cow! This is everything I want in a virtual cycling experience! Great scenic videography, great commentary, great workout. I felt like I was on my fantasy French cycling vacation, but rocketing along at Cotty speeds instead of my usual MAMiL pace. This is the Rouvy/FulGaz killer. Tell me you have plenty more of these coming down the pipeline and I’ll buy a lifetime subscription.


I’m the same. I did this one last week and going in to it, I thought I would not like the video as I’m not a fan of just riding along to scenery. I was pleasantly surprised that it was engaging enough to keep me from getting bored and I really enjoyed it.

The switching from front to back bike and mixed in with the drone shots was great.

One of these for every no-vid please… :grin: