Alternatives to cadence builds

Would any of you have suggestions for an alternative to the cadence builds series of workouts.

I seem to have them every week on my programme (twice a week some weeks) and just find them boring. The ones without videos are even worse.

Are there any similar workouts I can do instead?

Violator, Cash Register, Half is Easy, SUF Idol, seated sprints 2 sets 5x10s, Sprints 10 x 10s, Standing Starts?

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Cadence builds are generally low stress workouts. You spend most of your time in Zone 1/2, with the short high cadence done at low power. So even though it hits your NM system, it’s different to an all out sprint workout. I also find them boring, and used to just skip them and run that day instead. But I found that I struggled with FTP-level efforts at ~95-100 RPM, and cadence builds were my one major gap in my consistency, so I started doing them (most of the time) with that motivation in mind. Did they help? Well, it was a period of improvement followed by all-time PRs on NM, AC and FTP metrics, and second best on MAP.
One alternative is to throw in a few spin ups at the end of a weekend Endurance+ ride, similar to how runners will sometimes add strides to the end of a long run.

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exactly. think of them more as like a drill then a workout (the “workout” portion is the endurance / easy minutes).

adding a few spinups at the end of an endurance ride or probably even at the beginning of an endurance ride ( think of the 800 meter runner who does some drills every morning) should work just fine, i would think