Android app working .... NOT

Hello Team,

I finished my ride - by lucky chance I presume, as just after it started the video stopped and I was just looking at the numbers, still glad I could do it at all!

Then I wanted to continue with strenght training. I’ve tried for over an hour to start the video, tried downloading it, tried restarting, checking internet connection etc, with no success. Finally, I was so tired that I guess my mental stress could replace the stress stemming from the exercise itself :frowning: and I gave up.

I would appreciate any info.
Thank you for your time!

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Where are you located. The Europe server was having issues when I checked Server Status.

Their servers always have issues, very frustrating

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I think there is something more subtle going on that a simple server(s) having/not having issues, or they are so intermittent that they’re unpredictable.

For instance I did a workout yesterday, streamed on Android, with no issue whatsoever. Everything also synced in the app and uploaded to Strava, TP, Garmin and email without issue. I also did one on the Windows app (pre-downloaded) and again no problems.
In fact I’ve had no problems at all with Systm save for one incident some time before Christmas that appeared to be system-wide (pun intended).

This is not to belittle other peoples problems of course - it just seems very sporadic. This of course doesn’t make things any easier for those who are having problems.

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Did “Provence: Gorges de la Nesque” today, it was more like Gorges de la POTATO, 240p all the way and even then it stuttered sometimes.

When Mike says:
If you look carefully…, I see POTATO
Look at that view…POTATO
It’s stunning here…POTATO
Look down there…POTATO
Have a look at that…POTATO

The pigs at the top weren’t there for the truffels, no they were there for the POTATO’s

I thought we were past this, it was working more or less for a couple af weeks and now again with this. It’s really off putting to have to deal with this at least once a week.

edit: I’m in Belgium and started my session at 11:53 (if that helps for troubleshooting), also the last couple of minutes of yesterday’s omnium had POTATO quality too (the rest of the session was good)

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@TLa Sir David has asked that tickets be submitted so the problem can be traced. I don’t think this is a SYSTM or Wahoo issue but something else is going on. Put in what you wrote here in the ticket as well. The Minions need to know when things aren’t working so they can sort this mess out.

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Hi, I am basen in Poland. Today there were also some problems. Luckily, I managed to download ride in the morning. Yoga - that I did not download and had some problems today at 1922CET - glad those were only minor one, in comparison to yesterdays ones, as I after few tries I managed to start it.

Loads of the big server hosts like Amazon are being continually nailed by take down attacks at the moment it seems. Microsoft were affected yesterday for a few hours as well.

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Ticket submitted.

It was bad again today. From good quality video to buffering to no video to POTATO quality to fine again, over and over again.

I was watching “The Making of an Hour Record”, fair to say I missed a lot of the film.

It’s just so annoying to have to deal with this. I’m not far away to going to Trainerroad (or Fondo) + Netflix, that just works, every time (but isn’t as engaging as Sufferfest, when it works)

Same here, and I’m in Belgium as well.

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Had similar issues 2 days ago on Android. The video did not work. It just froze after a few seconds and stayed that way. But everything else(time, power changes) was fine.

Also in EU

@TLa I had similar issues the other day so I downloaded all of my videos for the rest of the week. Both workouts today went great - no issues at all.

Android on Chromebook is very smooth for me these days, where I had quite some grievances with it a while back I think I’ve now got the setup that works (from the app side, not commenting on the crappy platform on the serverside), which in my case is:

  • Chromebook mirrors via HDMI to 34" external screen (mirror, so no extending or closing of the actual screen)
  • App in fullscreen mode
  • Download workouts (didn’t do this before but now do just to be ahead of any (unconfirmed by Wahoo) outages in their crap EU servers.

So far that now works well, main thing that I need to sort out is how to then also use spotify alongside without the video auto-pausing.

I don’t really have enough free space on my device to download all video’s and downloading and then removing every time is also very annoying.

I tried the downloading of my core strength videos and that didn’t work at all. Maybe something went wrong, will try that again.

On Sunday video went black after a couple of minutes and never came back. Yesterday’s ride with Mike C. looked like old realplayer videos.
I’m located in Germany. My mac is connected via ethernet to the router. I have a 100Mbps VDSL internet connection that was almost idle during those incidents. Created a ticket yesterday evening.
The whole situation is increasingly annyoing. No development progress regarding at least the still missing Sufferfest features and on top of that more and more technical issues.

@TLa So I just download the next few workouts and usually do it in advance. I hit the download button and then navigate to the next video and hit download, etc and then go and do something else. I couldn’t tell you how long it takes to download because I don’t watch it.

To delete it is pretty easy - just go back to the workout and hit the download button again and they go away instantly.

I have actually been seeing performance improvement in the last day for workouts that I haven’t downloaded and the status page seems to confirm that there has been some improvement:

This morning’s core workout loaded perfectly - no studdering video at the start.

Hello Again,

I appreciate all the feedback!

I appreciate also the positive one as for most of the time it was positive experience for me too, and actually that is what we all really want.

Still, looking above… well…it is not that positive after all…

I was looking at Facebook and most of the comments resonate with feedback above, still, all the answers/comments/feedback I was able to find were from other users, Knights, not that I do not appreciate that…But again…no positive reinforcement from wahoo… no reasurence about getting better, downloading - hardly seem to be answer to the problems addressed above.

Do not want to sound negative as I really like the app, courses, and everything. I love lazer groat and the feeling of “disgusting. Yet so strong”. Cannot wait for the TOUR too! But I cannot imagine TOUR with challenges as above.

It seems as writing a diary…

Thank you all and do enjoy your suffering :smiley:

It"s more or less expected from Wahoo, when a workaround exists, they seem to think of it as a solution (same with the upload bug on the Bolt/Roam: when set in Dutch all activities get pushed to Strava as generic activity instead of bike ride)

I plugged a USB-SSD in my Nvidia Shield (only 16GB of space, with 2GB free) so I have enough space for all the videos and tried today. Seems to be better now. I think I’ll just download all de videos for the next week and do the same next week. Eventually I’ll get all videos downloaded.

It’s a bit frustrating that this is necessary, just hope it solves the problem.

Next week, when I do a training after dinner, I’ll now for sure (that’s the most problematic time of day for me)

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