What's the point of downloading videos?

Due to sometimes questionable internet, I download 100% of my Systm workouts. I have now completed 3 of the Santos Pro Rides and all three have dropped out the video. Usually the video just stops and ‘reboots’ for lack of a better word. The screen goes back to the opening point of the video and then jumps to where it should be. Last night on ride #3 I lost video for over half an hour during the third of five drop outs!

I must have seen 20+ times the error message “You have lost connection to our server, Trying to reconnect”. Why are they trying to connect to the servers when I have downloaded to video to my hard drive? I thought that was the whole point in downloading the videos in advance.

I guess you download the videos just to take up space on your computer but they really do nothing and you have to connect to the server anyway??? VERY FRUSTRATING.


I’ve had the same happen but not very often. I’d be curious to hear what causes this too.


I’ve had this quite a bit but no problems at all when streaming (300 mbit Ethernet connection). Have given a few reports to the minions and have had zero problems like this if I don’t download first.
Very frustrating if patchy internet in the pain cave means you have to download them…

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UPDATE: Well actually a few.

  1. I heard back from support. Apparently there is a space limitation in the APP so you are supposed to delete EVERY video as soon as you have completed it and the workout is recorded. Apparently it doesn’t matter if you have 2 Tb of free space on your hard drive. Would you like to know how much space is available in the app, too bad. Even with all my issues they chose not to share that. Yes I did respond and ask and will share if I get a straight answer.

  2. The app does not support a vpn. So it is Wahoo’s position that their app is far more important than your internet security. So please, disable your vpn and compromise all the rest of the data on your device so Systm will run properly. And please, do not respond that the app runs fine on your device with a vpn just fine, I was just told by Wahoo Support that this is not so???

  3. If you want the app to run properly you need to shut down all other applications including background app. Again, please don’t shoot the messenger, I am just sharing what I was just told by support.

For context here, I run a dedicated laptop for Systm. The only things on it are the OS (Windows 10), Google chrome (which is never running when I am riding a video), my vpn, Systm app and RGT app. I have tons of free space on the HDD and a more than capable processor. Clearly that is not good enough for this app.

And a final thought, I have to admit I am part of the problem. I renew my subscription.


I think you’re misunderstanding what a VPN does if you think turning a VPN off for Systm is compromising the rest of the data on your device!

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Hi Sir Stuart, I don’t want to open a can of worms, nor directly attack you, so please take my response as an observation of your posts that I have come cross on this forum.

To answer the question in the title of your post, “What’s the point of downloading videos?” I would say it is to have offline access to their training content. This works very well with no drop outs for me. I use this option a fair bit when off to races and travel.

You do seem to be hostile towards WahooX in everything they do, and yes, they don’t get everything right or as I want it to be, but I choose to stay on this platform with those issues in mind and don’t allow them to rile me up.

This response of yours defies logic. You had issues before you renewed your subscription, why stay and bash your head against the wall?

Regarding your current issue as per the OP, I only download videos/workouts when going away. I have a decent stable WiFi network at home, run workouts via an ANT+ cable, don’t get drop outs, have other platforms YouTube/Netflix/DSTv running at same time during workouts from the dedicated training laptop, use other BLT devices JBL speaker at the same time and do not get drop outs.

Should your focus not be on this rather? You have identified the primary concern to all of your issues, yet you focus on the resulting secondary consequences. :person_shrugging:

I’d rather ask a direct question, as rude or personal as it may be, than make an incorrect assumption about you/on your behalf.


Dan thanks for the reply. Let me add some clarity as I think that in some way we have a disconnect.

First, sorry if I come across hostile, but my frustration level is elevated. It’s not just the issues that I have, but what I feel is less than reasonable responses from support. Again, to be more succinct, incomplete answers and assumptions that are incorrect.

As for question on focusing on the internet issue, that assumes I have alternatives. Sorry but I don’t. I have 1 carrier option or going to satellite options which are far slower.

I understand the intent of downloading videos. My question was more specifically, which I thought I expressed in my OP, is why did the app connect to the Wahoo server for a ride that I downloaded?

Why stay is a fair question. I like the app, when it works. I have tried several others and I keep coming back here. None of the apps ae perfect. This is the best for what I need and want, flaws notwithstanding.

But most important in your reply, is the fair criticism that I come across as to ‘hostile’. I will try to do better.


@Critmark If you have unstable internet connection. did you try to do workouts completely offline? There are instructions how to do this https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406396632338-Offline-use-of-SYSTM-on-Mac-and-Windows

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The application connects to the servers to ensure your subscription is current. That information should be stored on your computer somewhere, as an encrypted file that you cannot decrypt and edit. I’ve raised that issue several times as I get a ‘You are on a Trial Subscription and it has Expired’ message after about not connecting to the Internet while System is running. I do update my workouts after if finish them to populate TrainingPeaks and Strava.


I download all my videos on my iPad because my paincave is in an external garage with barely any WiFi signal. I also turn the wifi off on the iPad during workouts so I don’t get any notifications interrupting me. The app definitely works without an internet connection with the WiFi turned off. When I go back inside the house and turn the iPads WiFi back on the app syncs with the Wahoo cloud.

I’ve had the app crash mid workout twice in 200 workouts, admittedly I’ve had a few more instances of white screen of death when the whole app has crashed when starting a workout, but turning it off and on again has always sorted it. Mental training helps here its a waste of mental energy to worry about things that are out of my control, so if the app crashes I just restart and get on with finishing the workout. If the data is lost that doesn’t matter I’ve still done the workout as intended.

Whenever I’ve contacted the minions for help they’ve always been open and helpful.


Just one thing to note re disturbance during a workout. If you have iOS 15 & 16 use focus in system settings. I’ve set one up called fitness and set it so when SYSTM & RGT are being used nothing else can send any notification unless you explicitly give an app permission. It works brilliantly and means you can enjoy your workout in absolute peace and quiet.


Thanks, just had a play with setting up a Focus with automation, its a neat feature.

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Can I just ask whenever SYSTM updates, all my downloaded videos are lost, so I need to re download them all again. Is it just me having this issue or does everyone have to do it. Fair enough if one of the workouts has been updated but if it hasn’t whether it’s a ride/yoga/strength why do you need to download it again.

That definitely shouldn’t be happening. Once you’ve downloaded videos they should stay there until you delete either the video or the app. I would run that by support.

Let me take a look at this later since I am doing a workout later this evening after work and let you know.
My Windows app was just updated on Saturday, 25th Sep and just as @jamespaul mentioned, the downloaded videos shouldn’t get deleted upon updating the app. :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t do that. My app on Win10 just updated and all downloaded content is still there.

To add nothing new to the conversation…what they said. I run wn10, have never had them disappear on an update.

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And I can also confirm that my downloaded video of Defender is still there after just only updating the app.

I am running a windows 11 by the way for the record :slight_smile:

Ever since wahoo got a hand on The Sufferfest, every step forwards, has meant 6 steps backwards.
Every single update, messes something else up. Example, yesterday or the day before, there was an update, suddenly all my sensors would not connect, via BT, they were paired and connected to laptop, but, never connected to app … So, find ANT+ USB from Garmin and voila, able to do my workout …
I get a plan where I usually got asked if weekends were going to be outside rides, NO, I get rides that need be done on the trainer, sure, I could sit down an hour or so trying to build The Shovel to Training Peaks, but, I do not have powermeter on my bike … When and IF they get to have the ability to transfer or whatever you want to call it(I am not an IT person so I call it whatever), then the non-wahoo device users will have to wait another eternity to be able to be able to transfer workouts to their devices or Training Peaks.
I am very dissapointed at what wahoo has done and is doing … Yes, appreciate the extra workouts and all, but, a little too much has been taken away too!

Ehm … this is getting slightly off topic. Anyway I just add my experience - I never had problem with downloaded videos being deleted by application update. Actually, I never had problem with any update of Systm application on both Windows 10 (sensors connected via BLE or ANT+) and Android (sensors connected via BLE). Maybe I am just lucky :innocent:
I do not deny that some people can have problem with software, but the HW/SW configurations and their usage is iinfinite universe which is impossible to predict or test for developers. Maybe you, @CBrweer, are the only one on Earth who lost connection to BT sensors by this update and installing ANT+ drivers was the remedy, hard to tell… :melting_face:

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