Second week of outages in London. You're testing my tolerance

I’ve been beaten by Nine Hammers more often than I can count, I’ve been that Hamster, chased by Lazer Goats, and loved every minute - for years.
But finally my stamina, spirit and frankly willingness to pay is broken.
For the third time in a fortnight, my post-work session has been sunk by no/slow servers. 60Mb fibre? Nothing against the gremlins of Wahoo’s Systm.
I’m not going to make cheap claims of a corporate sellout. But I must complain about a failure to supply a promised product, likely marketing overreach, and an growing desire to throw in the Wahoo towel.


You could just download the video in advance like those of us who don’t have the privilege of WiFi in our pain caves.

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I tried that, altough I shouldn’t need to when other services can stream without any issue.

Multiple videos I downloaded earlier today didn’t work. Videos that I didn’t download up front but that I tried as an alternative didn’t work either.

I didn’t try disconnecting from WiFi/4G entirely though, but again, it is not up to me to find a solution for what seems to be a server side issue.

I’m in Belgium, so probably using the same server as the UK.

Fortunately I could use an alternative service to get in my cycling fix today.

Yes, this is called “workaround” :upside_down_face: If the connection is stable and fast enough, it should stream fine.

Nor the workaround, nor the streaming, worked :melting_face:

Using that so called workaround I spent 15 mins waiting for the downloading of standing starts to complete… my 1gbps fiber did not peak above 20mpbs during that time and most of the time slower… I did manage to download a few 100mb bin files from different locations to validate it was not my connection.

Also after completing the workout it looked like the minions have stuff under control, in downloading my workouts for the next few days things seemed back to normal…

So joining the shoutout here for more stability but also more transparency! Please just link up a or one of the many alternatives and pin it in your app and forum! That way users at least know whether the new app is flaky or the servers on the Wahoo side.

Also the uploads to either Garmin connect or Strava seem to be broken…

I experienced the same issues, tried to download video beforehand as well. Now the workouts I did today have not uploaded to Strava. 2nd week of issues


Same. Second ride in the last four days to have buffered badly & not uploaded. Even tried just using my iPhone rather than iPad.

Literally just uploaded at 22.18!


There is this Not sure if it’s actually published as a link on the support site though.

Yeah had indeed found it by now as well, the link was also in another thread here on the forums.

In general if you are going through a rough patch technically it is better to be honest and forthcoming and would therefore expect this to be listed in the support site but potentially in the app as well. But that would obv also require them to update the incidents listing and be open about what is happening and what they are doing to (try to) resolve it.