ANT does not connect

i am having issues with the software, does not recognize my ant antenna, i disconnect and connect and does not appear as ON

Hey @jcgd.060174, welcome to the forums!

What hardware are you using SYSTM from? Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android?

using the windows app, I have a ANT+ and a Bluetooth antenna in my PC, but neither are being recognized

Did this work before and doesn’t now, or are you a new user and unable to get it to work for the first time? What are you trying to connect via Ant+ (trainer, power meter, cadence sensor, speed sensor, heart rate monitor etc etc) and what brand/types

Things I suggest:

  • using an extension cable for your ant+ dongle and keeping it as close to your sensors as possible
  • for Bluetooth, using a bluetooth dongle rather than relying on your internal Windows bluetooth.
  • restart your computer
  • restart your other hardware
  • make sure you have the latest firmware for whatever hardware you are using including any Windows updates
    *sometime uninstalling SYSTM, restarting your computer, then reinstalling it will resolve some issues
  • make sure you have the lastest version of SYSTM installed and that it is compatible with your computer and any other hardware

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Glen, thank, I am not a new user, and yes, both antennas worked, it was funny because yesterday the ANT+ antenna was not working and today both did not work and they are working because I connected into Zwift to validate that they did work adn yes both antennas are ON on zwift.

I will uninstall and install to see if this works

I uninstalled and installed again and everything worked, what I saw was that it did not updated to the latest version, probably was that, thank you for the help


Glad u got it going again.