Ant+ handling - windows

Has the way that Ant+ is handled in windows changed recently? I was going to run a workout without a video so I could get some virtual miles in the Other Place (it was reduced intensity, don’t judge me :joy:) but neither would play nice - Zwift started banging on about Garmin Explorer, of all things.

Previously I’ve used the trainer as a power source but without control in Zwift and it’s worked fine while Suf does the ERG bit.

Has anything changed on the Suf end?

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Hiya. I was using that setup yesterday ok.
Z was reading ANT+ power and cadence only on one channel while chatting with friends, SUF was controlling the trainer on the FEC (Still ANT+) channel and in addition had a Bluetooth session out else where.

All working fine.

But that’s easy to say of course … these things def seem to come and go over time in apps and in windows itself (which I applied a major update to on Friday interestingly)
Certainly seemed to me that SUF was happy enough.

How odd! Must be some sort of gremlin in the machine, perhaps I do have Garmin running in the background!

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